I vant to surf your break.
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Help me find a surfing video which featured Dracula.

I saw a video at some bar, somewhere, that had an excellent longboarding costume contest. It features Dracula, an exercising guy on some weird elliptical device, and I think someone who was surfing on a ladder. I'm pretty sure it was in Hawaii, but it may have been in southern California. The same video may have also featured them surfing the Waimea river.

Please help me find it! You will be awesome for eternity.
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Not really an answer, but try searching youtube for "Doo Dah Surf Day." Brings up a lot of likely stuff.
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Best answer: Think I saw that too. My google fu tells me it was probably The Present by Thomas Campbell.Some blog post about it
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Response by poster: Yes! I have just ordered a copy of "The Present". I will post a clip when I get the DVD.
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