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I need a new doctor in Brooklyn or Manhattan. Can you recommend one?

I need a new primary care physician that takes Health Plus/Medicaid. My last doctor was the highest recommended on ZocDoc in my neighborhood, and he was not great. His administrative staff was even worse. So I'm reaching out to y'all to see if you have any recommendations.

I'm a woman in her early 30's, no major health issues. I'm just looking for someone who I can go to to get a physical and my prescriptions. I want to go to someone who is friendly and who has a helpful friendly staff that will return calls promptly.

I live in Clinton Hill off the G and C and work in Soho on Broadway and Houston, so I would prefer an office nearby home or work (please no recommendations for the Upper East Side or whatever).

Anyone have a doctor they love that takes Health Plus? Thanks!
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I go to "13 East 13th Family Practice," which is at...well, 13 East 13th Street, and they do take Health Plus. There are a couple doctors at the facility; I personally use Dr. Lesnewski as my main physician and she's great, but I've been in to see a couple of the others in a more immediate situation and they've all been good.

Not only do they return calls, but you can communicate with your doctors online. I've actually avoided calling with questions a few times just by emailing my doctor and having had her email me right back within a day to either say "eh, that's nothing to worry about" or "Hmm, lemme shoot a prescription over to your local pharmacy on file, you can pick it up in an hour" or whatever. You can even schedule appointments online - I LOVE that part.
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Dr. Brian Meehan. He's on the corner of Spring and Sullivan (so convenient to the C and to your work). He has been my doctor for many years and he is fantastic (and so is Dr. Bowling, who also works in his practice). I am not 100% sure he takes that insurance, but he seems to take most insurance plans. His number is 212-343-3040.
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I like this doctor in Dumbo. She charges an annual membership fee, but I thought it was worth it. She answers emails and texts right away...she even came to my apartment once when I was really sick! Fairly short walk from the A/C stop at High St.
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I actually go to the same practice as EmpressCallipygos- and I've gone there when I've had no insurance and continue to go there as someone with very bougie insurance. They also have a pretty decent walk in clinic.

The emailing your doctor part & getting test results on line (and the chartings!) is awesome.
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Oh, yes, the test results and charts online at 13 E 13 is awesome too! They even have pictures (I think the x-rays of my foot when I broke it are somewhere in my file, but I actually own the hard copy of the actual x-ray so I haven't bothered to look).
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Re my recommendation above- I missed that you needed someone who takes Health Plus. Never mind! Though if you want to pay out of pocket for great service, she's great.
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Agree with bedhead about Dr. Meehan and Dr. Bowling. Dr. Meehan has been my doctor for many years and he is extremely caring and takes his time. I've never felt rushed when he was in the room and he's always answered ALL of my questions each time I've been in.

I've also seen Dr. Bowling when I've needed to go in for some quick blood work and a prescription and he was also very good.

If they take your plan, I'd definitely give them a try. Dr. Meehan can be hard to get an immediate appointment with, so plan ahead if you want to see him. Usually, I can get in Dr. Bowling within a day.
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