Please give me some Dr. recommendations for LA
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LA filter: I'm looking for recommendations for various kinds of doctors in the Echo Park/Silverlake/Los Feliz/Eagle Rock areas.

Hi LA MeFites :)

I moved to LA not all that long ago--but long ago enough that it's past time for me to get some local doctors here just for basic check-ups, etc. I have blue cross blue shield insurance that covers most everything except dental. I live in Echo Park and would like to stay as close to home as possible. Probably goes without saying that I'd like to see doctors who are knowledgeable and have at least decent bedside manner. So, can you please recommend me:

A good female dermatologist

A good eye Dr (can be an Optometrist)

A good female gynecologist

A good place to get STD testing that isn't too expensive and doesn't have a crazy long wait time for testing and for results (I'm considering the gay and lesbian center? Or Planned Parenthood?)

A dentist that maybe charges on a sliding scale (oh, if only that existed) or is somewhat more affordable (long shot, I think)

A good general practitioner (optional)

Thanks in advance!
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The only eye doctor that I know definitive positive things about is semi-close to you - Richlin Eye in Beverly Hills. Disclosure: one of my friends works there (he is not an optometrist.) If that's not close enough, I can see if he has any recommendations.
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Ooof. I have some bad news, you are most likely not going to find good doctors (or that many) really in Los Feliz/Silverlake/Echo Park. It's a small area and a relatively low income one, so unfortunately, there's a real dearth of good doctors or just doctors in general. You can check some of the Yelp reviews for doctors in Los Feliz, from what I recall the few that are there receive very low marks.

To be honest you might have to widen your net to Glendale/Hollywood/Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills is by far the best area and many of them take Blue Shield although Glendale has some good places too.
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I was happy with Gold Optometry in Ktown the last time I got a prescription.
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Response by poster: Okay, Glendale is fine too if you anyone has suggestions!
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I'm having to pick new docs and dentists, so I'll get back to you, but You Guys Like 2… is bafflingly wrong about the socio-economic class of LF/SL/EP and even the geography. (Whether you can afford Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's doctors is another question.)
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