[Los Angeles Filter] Looking for a great OB/GYN and GP near Santa Monica
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For the last few years I've been going to the Women's Clinic and PP for my routine exams, BC, etc. as needed but it's time to find a regular OB/GYN. I also need to replace my retired GP. Please refer me to your awesome doctors located in the Santa Monica/Venice/MDR/WLA area!

The clinic and PP have been great for the basics but I need to find an OB/GYN for some managed care stuff. A doc that focuses on menopause/post-menopausal treatments and needs will be more useful than one who specializes in fertility treatments and having babies, but I'm mainly concerned with finding a great doc.

My old GP was wonderful, but when she retired she sent her patients the names of three or four of her colleagues without much other information. I'm sure they are just fine, but I'd just as soon try to get a rec from the patient's view. (Bonus points if they are informed about Fibromyalgia. Extra Life if they run an organized practice without long wait times.)

I'm fine with a male OB/GYN or GP, and I know that MeFi usually understands the importance of doctors who are science-based, non-judgmental, sex-positive, etc. I'm still car-less (!) so closer to Santa Monica is better but a great doctor trumps convenience for me.

If you have privacy concerns feel free to MeMail or e-mail me. My google account is listed in my profile in the social section.

This question is a long overdue so I appreciate all suggestions.
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Best answer: Dr Lisa Masterson delivered my first born. She's on ocean avenue and her office also is kinda...a spa. She works both through cedars-Sinai and UCLA/Santa Monica. Also...UCLA/Santa Monica is VeryVery close to izzys.

Oh, this was before she was on that show 'the doctors' so you might want to see if she is taking new patients...

More pics of that Reuben at izzys if you get a chance...
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Best answer: Dr Rebecca Brown at Rodeo Drive Womens Health Center. I cannot recommend her enough. She was my OB for four years when I lived in LA. She is kind, compassionate, and pretty much the best doctor I've ever been to. The office is literally on Rodeo Drive which initially put me off but don't let the location fool you. They are neither pretentious nor snooty.
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Response by poster: Thanks hal_c_on, teamnap, and the folks who MeMailed, I really appreciate it.

hal_c_on, Funny, I go past her office almost every day on the way back from my run/wal.! And quit tempting me with Izzy's!
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