Los Angeles ADD therapist needed
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I need to find an ADD therapist in Los Angeles. Some details inside.

So, after trying a friend's medication and realizing the immense difference in made in my life, I've come to realize that I need help dealing with my ADD.

In order to get that help, the best path seems to be finding a therapist and dealing with the ADD through a combination of medication and behavioral therapy.

I live in Los Feliz, so doctors on the west side aren't convenient for me, and I've had ADD long enough to realize that the more inconvenient a thing is, the less likely it is to get done.

I have no insurance (unemployed/freelancin'), so I'd prefer a sliding-scale therapist. Obviously, they also have to be taking new patients.

I've googled around for this, both looking for further search strategies and specific people near me, and have become frustrated. Hence, this question.

Much thanks in advance for either specific recommendations or additional help.
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The California Psychological Association's locator service lets you search by specialty and ZIP code.
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Not to knock therapy or anything, but most therapists cannot prescribe medication. Therapy +meds may be the gold standard approach for depression and whatnot, but for ADD specifically, if you're paying out of pocket and are unemployed/freelancing, I'd suggest finding a psychiatrist to prescribe first and then evaluate your situation after 6 months or so on meds and decide whether adding in therapy would be mo' better (and in that regard, I think a lot of ADDers do as well with an ADD "coach" as they do with a traditional therapist).

Sliding-scale mental health providers can be hard to find and often have long waiting lists. You may see who's convenient in your area and simply ask what their self-pay rates are. Again, for the medication end of things, psychiatrists' hourlies are much higher than those of most therapists, but once you get into a groove with a medication and dosage that works for you, you only need to see them a few times a year for a 15-minute med check and refill.

No specific recommendations, unfortunately.
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No joke: www.find-a-therapist.com

Most therapists will do sliding scale. Also check out the UCLA Medical School offerings, they do sliding scale there.
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This may be too west for you, but Edleman Westside Mental Health Center is county-run and offers psychiatric care on a very generous sliding scale. I saw a doc there for a year or two when I couldn't afford my old one anymore (i've since gone back to him, but he's in Santa Monica) and I was satisfied with the quality of care. The facility is also very well-run and not at all like what I expected. If I remember correctly they also had affiliated pharmacies that filled scripts for next-to-nothing. You could always call them and see if they have other clinics closer to you.

To make it seem closer, you can use my Apple Pan Trick: If I can get to the Pico/Robertson area I can get to the Apple Pan, and if I can get to the Apple Pan I can get to Santa Monica. Reverse as needed.
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Response by poster: So, in thinking about it, I do think that I'm going to simultaneously pursue finding a psychiatrist. Any advice on how to do that? Do I just start calling people and finding out if they're taking new patients?
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