So, who does your hormones?
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You: Are or know someone with goofy possibly-reproductive female endocrine issues on the Westside of LA. You love your UCLA Health System endocrinologist for their sterling patient care. Me: Someone in need of that doctor's name and office location.

My docs are making the "your A1c is normal but your fasting glucose is bizarre, we think you need some help" noises. I'm making the dietary changes and working towards more exercise, but I think I need an endocrine geek who's dogged and relentless and specializes in women's endocrine issues like PCOS to help me get a clearer picture so we can develop a plan of attack together.

If you've got an endocrinologist in Los Angeles or Santa Monica that fits the bill, lemme know. I'm specifically interested in UCLA-system docs because that's where my GP is, and docs that take Blue Cross or Aetna PPO.
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If no one pops in with better info, you could try ask on the California message board at here.

Those women tend to know which endos are easy to work with and which aren't.
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I am confused. Are you looking for a diabetologist or someone who focuses on PCOS and reproductive endocrinology? There are certainly overlapping considerations there, but you weren't clear about where the possibility of PCOS fits into the bizarre fasting glucoses in your case. If you want an opinion at UCLA regarding the possibility of PCOS, the most notable member of the staff with expertise specifically on that subject is probably Stan Korenman.
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If you don't mind driving downtown, Mark Alan Dwight is a PCOS-knowledgeable OBGYN (with the best bedside manner I've ever encountered) who can also refer you to a savvy RE:

Dr. Mark Alan Dwight, MD
637 Lucas Ave Ste 200
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(213) 977-4190

For an endocrinologist, you want David Geffner.
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drpynchon, I MeMailed you with some clarifications I'm unwilling to put out there in public, but due to family history, ruling out or addressing PCOS is where I'd like to start. Korenman sounds promising, thank you.

chez shoes, I think we're hormonal ukulele twins or something. I'll talk to my GP Wednesday about Geffner.

For clarification's sake, I am not looking to get pregnant; I know that REs have more experience treating disordered lady-parts, and if that's what I end up being diagnosed with, I'm going to want someone who knows about that stuff.
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My wife sees Dr. Sheila Ahmadi at UCLA for similar issues and likes her very much. Feel free to drop me a line (email's in profile) if you've got some more specific questions; I'm sure my wife would be happy to help.
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