Video streaming from a small club
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My friend would like to stream video from a small club he volunteers in.

It is purely not for profit stuff, the Celebrity Club in Performing Arts Lodge Toronto. We have a pretty nice audio system, but now he'd like to allow residents to view what's happening in the club in real time. It doesn't have to be secure, but it is intended only for the residents.

I'm looking for camera recommendations, but I'm also looking for any how to information at all. While I'm very technical, I haven't done anything in this area at all. What about software or hardware? Considering upload speeds in Toronto, we might need a streaming host for this?

Budget is something less than $2000, hopefully considerably less. I'm good at scrounging the little things though, so that adds some flexibility. I'm very technical, he is a little technical, and the residents are not at all technical.
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For ease of use, go to the cloud. Sites like and make it pretty easy.
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