Faint memory of a kid's movie driving me crazy!
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Kid's movie/T.V. show? Trying to rediscover some sort of kid's show or movie, possibly misremembered.

This has been driving me crazy for years. Pretty sure it was a live action movie with some sort of old CGI type special effects.

1. Some sort of wizard, I think, takes this boy (or a boy and a girl) up into a tower or attic of a library/old stone school/church.

2. There, they find some sort of apparatus, I'm pretty sure it was a harp, which, when played, causes a ribbon of color/light to flow up....

3. And allows the children/young teens to change into animals. I remember a dog, and maybe an owl but I'm less sure about that.

4. I'm fairly sure this is NOT the Animorphs series. I swear I saw this before the Animorphs. I just especially remember music as being the gateway for these kids to change their form.

If this is a flight of childish fancy or a dream I had, I apologize, but I just....-swear- I watched this on T.V. at some point when younger.
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What was the time and place you saw this movie? That could help :)
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United States (Ohio), sometime between 1991 (I was born '88 but I'll be safe and guesstimate too early) and 1995, I think (aka, sometime between when I was 3 and 7 years old).

I know that the Animorphs (books) came out in 1996, and the show in 1998. I'll admit the books made a rather big impression on me (I still wish I had this as a superpower), and I -do- dream very vivid dreams, but I really think I remember this show/movie. I also saw the movie Labyrinth in the age/time-frame, and clearly remember the impression it made on me, so I'm hoping this memory is just a little more faded but just as real.
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The Shaggy Dog? It's a 1994 remake, not the new one. A boy turns into a dog because of a ring he got from a museum. No harps, though. :(
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Perhaps an episode of Eureeka's Castle?
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I know it's not The Shaggy Dog.

And no, there weren't any muppets that I know of.
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Ah, I didn't figure. I'm not well-versed in movies. I really want to know this too, now.

This probably isn't it either, but Ladyhawke? A man becomes a wolf and a woman becomes a, well, hawk, because of a curse.
Or The Water Babies?

Do you remember what happened after they were turned into animals?
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I've seen Ladyhawke (no) and it wasn't The Water Babies (o.O I've never ever heard of that, but it doesn't fit because it seems to be mostly cartoonish).

I just remember a scene of the boy/girl running down the street (behind a hedge?) and turning into the dog to keep running. Something about being pressed for time, for some reason.

Other than that, no, I can't really remember much else. I just swear it was mostly live action with some sort of CGI / special effects.
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I know you said it wasn't animated, but:
Rockadoodle? - Owl + cat + dog + music. No harp, tower, or wizard. Has some live-action.

One of the old Sinbad movies?
Are You Afraid of the Dark's "Tale of the Mystical Mirror"? Mirror turns girl into dog by a female witchy woman.

Hope you get an answer! I'm really curious.
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