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Where can I get recordings and soundtracks of the Australian version of Swap Shop?

My boyfriend is a big fan of the 90s Australian children's TV show Swap Shop. He's been after the soundtrack in particular, but none of us have managed to track it down.

I've checked eBay and all they have is the book, no recordings. I've emailed ABC but haven't received a reply (should I call them?), and their ABC Shops don't carry them. I've scoured the ABC website too with no luck. Google gets me nothing much; we did find a tracklisting, but nowhere to buy the CD.

I'm really hoping to get the soundtrack or at least the recordings as a surprise for my boyfriend. Where can I find them? Where else can I look?
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ABC Commercial Non-Theatric Sales is probably your only hope. You'd want to call them - Swap Shop isn't listed in their online catalog.
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