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I-can't-believe-I'm-using-my-question-for-this-Filter: I saw a cartoon movie as a kid and can't remember what it was. I thought it was Care Bears but the two plot summaries for their movies aren't ringing a bell. Something was going around turning kids and/or bears into dark blobs of unhappiness.

I may have completely missed that part in the summaries I could find. Maybe it was just an episode?

What were those things called that the evil guy turned them into?

thanks so much, media-savvy mefites!
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There was also a Gummi Bears cartoon. Don't know if that's what you're looking for...I always get the bear cartoons mixed up. (See also: that thing with the koalas.)
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Could it have been My Little Pony: The Movie?
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Was it The Land Without Feelings? That was a care bears tv special ....(scroll down the page to see a picture of the gloopy things "Professor Coldheart" turned bears into..I can't remember what they're called)
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(if so, it's apparently on you tube)
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professor coldheart!!! that was the villain, i remember now!

you are so awesome, BundleOfHers!!!

i'll have to see if i can find a name for the gloopy things.
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I seem to recall that if a Monchichi touched the ground (or got zapped by an evil wizard), they would turn into a Grumpling, which was a grey, goblin-like Monchichi.
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BundleofHers has it right. The Land Without Feelings was the most terrifying thing I ever watched. It sent me into tears for, I kid you not, a week. Maybe longer. If I click on that youtube link I'll end up curled into a ball for a day. Just the name "Professor Coldheart" gives me great waves of despair. I'm glad BundleofHers answered it first because I really didn't want to google it out for you.
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Oh man, all I had to read was "Land Without Feelings" and this song popped immediately into my head. And I agree with Mizu, I found it incredibly creepy and scary as a kid (although in a good way, I've always been a fan of scary).
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