Half-remembered fantasy movie seen in the 1980s.
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Half-remembered movie: Two characters, at least one of them on horseback, meet in a desolated place (the Scottish Highlands?). They fight using some kind of magic that is represented by line animation overlaid of the screen (the movie is live action).

I saw this as a child, I guess around 1985 or 1987, on TV. I think the characters' magic created two animated dragons that started fighting in the sky.
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This sounds an awful lot like Highlander.
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Yeah, my bet is on Highlander as well. This is the bit you're probably thinking about with the magic...it's Connor receiving The Prize for being The One.
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If you at all think you hear the strains of Queen playing in the background of your memories, it is, indeed, Highlander that you're thinking of. Mostly they didn't have magic dragons... just sparkly beheadings.
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The Dungeonmaster, maybe? Nobody's on horseback, but the animated dragon battle begins at about 5:30 into this clip. The timing would be about right too since this came out in 1985.
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Response by poster: I'll have to watch higlander, but while the setting seems kind of right (cloudy day, outside), the way I remember it, it was a battle similar to that of JaredSeth's link.
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