Affordable men's striped dress socks
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I love these Paul Smith classic striped men's socks, but can't justify the cost ($30 a pair!). Does anybody know of similar styled socks at a more affordable price point?

What would I call 'affordable'? $10 a pair or less.

It's the multicoloured horizontal stripes of varying thickness that catches my eye.

I've just moved to Los Angeles (Burbank, actually) so bonus points if you know of a shop within driving distance.

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You might poke around Sock Dreams, which has a men's section ... maybe these?
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Have a look at Happy Socks
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I've seen similar men's socks at Saks 5th Ave Off (or whatever the Saks outlet is called) in Nor Cal. There are several stores in So Cal.
Polka dots, too.
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My advice: Look at womens' socks. Seriously. You will find that womens' socks are much more diverse in color and in type. It's amazing and awesome what great varieties of socks you can find when you shop in the women's section. The only drawback is that they seem to assume that women walk so daintily and lightly that they will never wear through the socks, so you have to avoid the really thin ones. All in all, socks are one of those things that make no sense at all to gender.
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H&M sold this model last season for $5 a pair.
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As knz says, H&M carry various striped socks, and change them every now and again, so check out a local H&M from time to time. If you have smaller feet you can check out womens' socks, but they are often sheerer in fabric and you get a lot of ankle-length socks, something that's uncommon among mens' socks. Also, check out childrens' socks in up-scale stores. They are likely to go up to a US men's size 8.

I've ordered from Sock Dreams, and they were good. Check both mens & womens, but remember to check what length sock you're getting. Happy Socks sell their socks for $10 a pair from their website, but you might be able to find them in other webshops for a lower price. I've ordered several times from Sockshop, and am very happy with their service, but don't know what shipping to the US would cost. Other webshops you could check out are Sock it to me or ASOS.

And check out this previous AskMe: Not White Socks.
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H+M socks look great but IMO are not very comfortable; the seams poke out a lot on the inside of the sock and are itchy. But it might be worth a trial run at $5/pair.
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SmartWool makes some striped socks.
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StrokeSocks are $14 a pair, but seem to last a long time -- my husband has six pairs that are still going strong after about five years. He says they don't have any uncomfortable seams, and they don't wear out at the heel or toe.

Looks like you can buy them in stores now, too.
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