In search of the perfect socks
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I'm a woman, and I'm looking for socks to wear to work with dress shoes when it's too cold to go sockless. I need thin socks, similar weight to tights, but crew/ankle height.

When sock shopping I find two types of socks:
a) Correct thickness, too tall. I don't want trouser socks or knee-highs.
b) Correct height, too thick. I can only find correct-height socks that end up looking bunchy and weird with flats or pumps.

I know these middle-ground socks exist because I have owned them before! Any idea where I can find them? I live in San Francisco so I have access to most B&M chains, plus any online store that ships to the US.
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Best answer: Do you mean ankle highs?
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Response by poster: Ah-ha! I guess "ankle high" is the term I was missing. Are there certain stores that tend to carry them? I never see them at Norstrom, Macy's, etc.

And do you have any recommended brands/styles?
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I'm in the UK so I don't know which US department stores carry them. I wear them a lot for work so tbh I just go for the cheap multipacks :)
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Have you tried Uniqlo?
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Yeah, cheap is fine. Anywhere in the UK that sells tights also sells ankle highs, so I dunno, try Walmart, or your local department store, or wherever you would normally get your tights from.
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The answer to any sock question is pretty much always Sock Dreams. I used to live in Portland and I love them. Bonus: free shipping anywhere in the U.S.! Try the pages for anklets or maybe footies. They have wonderful customer service and review all their own stuff, so I'm sure they could set you up with the socks of your...dreams.
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Response by poster: Hmm I wonder if this is a UK thing! All the cute ones on Amazon are LissKiss which is a UK brand. Thank goodness for Amazon! (And what is up with Americans and their fondness for tall socks? So uncomfortable under pants.)

Sock Dreams and Uniqlo, alas, are all too thick or too tall socks.
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i probably have more sock dreams socks than most, and i agree - this isn't really their strong suit. have you tried target? i know i've seen them there.

looking online, target has these or these or these - maybe all too funky for what you're looking for, but they should have more normal black/tan/nude versions in the store.
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(i want to add - nearly all my socks that don't come from sock dreams come from target - their quality isn't as high, but the prices and selection are great)
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Sometimes i see random brands of these in the cosmetic area of drug chains like Walgreens, like near where they have cosmetic bags. its sort of sporadic though, but if you are passing one it's worth ducking inside for a look.
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