Plain black socks designed to keep your feet cool?
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Does anyone know of some plain, black socks that are designed to dissipate heat, keeping your feed cool and dry?

I already have these WrightSock socks, which have Adidas ClimaCool "technology" in them:

The problem is that they look silly with writing on them, and a blue seem on the toe.

Everything I've found so far seems to have athletic branding all over.

Does anyone know of a particular sock, or brand, or store that is likely to have what I'm looking for?
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Best answer: The material you're looking for is polypropylene. A quick google search for "black polypropylene socks" turned this. I've never shopped there and won't make any endorsements for it. The big thing is that once you know the material you're looking for, that should make it easier to find socks.
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Silk will do the trick. Try WinterSilks.
Polypropylene is also good. Bridgedale is one good brand. I've also been pretty pleased with the feel of rayon, which is usually cheaper. Cotton and 100% nylon are the ones you want to avoid. (Some nylon content is good for strength, so don't try to avoid it entirely.)
Oh, and Coolmax. Does what it says on the tin.
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I like these-

They do everything you want and they last forever.
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Anecdotal experience, but I've been pleased with dress-weight socks made from bamboo rayon, available cheaply at Target, Marks & Spencer, or similar.
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I saw some at IZOD the other day.
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I'd suggest Smartwool socks- they're made of Merino wool, which despite most people's expectations, does not have to be either itchy or hot.

Here's a specific sock recommendation

Merino wool does not itch (I can't wear wool sweaters, but I only wear Smartwool socks), wicks moisture extremely well, and is excellent at regulating temperature.

With regard to the previously-mentioned polypropylene, I have to recommend against this, as polypropylene is known for developing a horrible odor. A search for "polypropylene stink" will yield numerous results. There are some fabrics that use a variety of chemicals to counteract this (silver, shellfish-derived enzymes or somesuch, etc.), but these typically will wash out of the fabric eventually.
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Best answer: To put the final nail in the coffin for this question, and it took a while, the JoxSox store has black SupraLite Crew socks that are extremely comfortable and capable of wicking sweat, don't stink, and don't feel or look like hippie socks.

They have a logo on the bottom, so they don't look tacky when you're wearing them, and they are completely black without any lines or patterns on them.

Get them here:

For now there are no "crew" socks in the black SupraLite variety, but if you order the "Cushioned" black crew socks, and email the guy to tell him you want the SupraLites, he'll change your order for you.

Best socks I've ever worn.
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