What was the name of this four book series?
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This is driving me nuts: there was a series of four novels that has been recommended in AskMe threads a few times and all I can remember about it is pretty vague:

1) I believe the author's work was compared favorably to John Crowley.
2) I believe the collective title for the series was something like "The Alexandria Quartet" but it was not the Alexandria Quartet.
3) The books were published by a small press and may now be out of print and difficult to find.
4) The author was male. These were the only significant works he had written. He may be deceased now.
5) It is not Michael Moorcock's Cornelius Quartet. Nor is it the aforementioned Crowley's Aegypt series. And it was definitely 4 books, so not Gormenghast, or another trilogy.
6) I believe they were written in the 80s or 90s, but I'm not absolutely sure.
This is obviously not a lot to go on, and what I can remember is vague enough that Google, Amazon, and AskMe searches are not particularly helpful. Ring any bells for you?
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Best answer: Edward Whittemore, the Jerusalem Quartet. I would bet my children's eyes that this is what you're looking for.
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The Raj Quartet by Paul Scott?
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Response by poster: The Jerusalem Quartet is it! Thanks, smoke!
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Again I miss my chance to collect smoke's children's eyes.
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I see that only the first one is still in print (or at least on Amazon); that's a real shame. I had mixed reactions to the books, but one thing I can say is that I haven't read anything else like them.
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Agreed, dfan, I actually thought Jerusalem Poker was the strongest of the 4 (though, it was the first I read, so maybe that's colouring it).
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