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Best deals, patterns and otherwise for technical socks? (Cycling, Running, etc)

Ok, here's the deal. I am a runner. I love to run. I run all the time. This would be a love story, but I have problems losing socks. This is partly due to the mess that wuz and fuzz call a house, partly because I am too much man for my socks. (200lb runner, you do the math)

Where can I get awesome technical, cheap socks? I am not talking about Hanes 6 packs of white, thick, nasty feeling socks. The socks I am talking about are thin, designed for running, cycling, or other sports, and help keep feet nice and dry. Thin is critical, or my picky feet will hate the socks. Cheap is critical, or my cheap ass will resent the socks for eating too much money. Yes, I have it within me to resent socks. Dont judge me.

For reference, I wear a lot of Sockguy, Defeet, Pearl Izumi, and Nike socks. They are awesome. Bonus points for flames or other awesome pics on the side to make me go faster. Thanks!
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I'm liking Ultimax these days.
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Best answer: For cheap technical socks I periodically check Sierra Trading Post and REI Outlet. Recently they had a ton of cycling socks for less than $2 a pair, but it looks like they're sold out of those.
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Defeet AirEator - awesome socks - fun socks
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I second aireators. I have godzilla, "the scream" and martini glass versions. I used them for racquetball, which i imagine is similar to running in terms of stressing socks out, and they lasted a long time. I picked them up on sale at EMS.
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Ultimax Triathlon for this 200+ lbs runner/triathlete. They are nice and thin, blister free and quite a deal as well. I buy them in three packs at REI. I first bought them as tri socks, but love them so much they are my primary running sock. Pretty much any run without snow on the ground is a Ultimax day.
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Seconding Ultimax. Bought some cheap Adidas ones in DSW last time I was in the States and they're nice too.
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Defeet Wooleator. My fave sox evah!
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I'm a reasonably serious trail runner and I buy a ton of the REI branded socks at REI... they're pretty great socks, especially if you get the coolmax ones, but you might find 'em lacking in character.
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Response by poster: needled, looks like they are bone dry, but i'll keep checking back - beats the hell out of brick and mortar or eBay. Everyone else, thanks for your suggestions!
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