Plus size lingerie that doesn't suck?
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Plus size lingerie that can be bought online from a website that doesn't make me fear for my credit card's safety or a fatal accidents from overly cheap elastics/snaps?

I am working on wooing a man-friend and need some saucy lingerie. I have a feeling many of his lady-people in the past haven't really put too much work into the undergarment department and I'd like to change that for him.

I stumbled across which is EXACTLY the kind of thing I am looking for. So....I bought all the things I liked from there and am now needing another source. All the sites I can find with Googling seem rather sketchy. I am late 20's/early 30's so many of the things on some of these sites also seem like they are tailored to the tastes of generations before... Modern-plus-size-sexy-lady clothing shouldn't be too much to ask for, should it?

While I am willing to put down some money for this...I'm hoping, for example, the average price for a bra won't be above, say, $40 (US)?

I'm usually a size 16/18 in pants and dresses, while a 42D up top. I think when buying underwear at a store I opt for an 8.

Classy(er) Places I have looked:

Creepy places?
Too many to list.

Anonymous as he is a member of this fine community and I don't wish to have the surprise spoiled until the grand unveiling.
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Possibly (definitely?) too trashy, but doesn't Fredericks of Hollywood carry plus sizes online?
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You could try the etsy route. I am a guy so I have no idea if the stuff in the results is cool or terrible :)
posted by davey_darling at 7:41 AM on August 12, 2010 has great customer service, excellent prices and a reasonable selection of basic lingerie, costumes, etc.
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Go through the tags at the Livejournal community Fatshionista, there are plenty of posts about underthings. Also, there's the List of Fatshion Resources from that community as well.
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Uhh, wait a sec, I'm a guy and I think that some of that stuff is sexy!
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Another vote for Yandy here. Their products hold up well, and their basic flat-rate shipping ($6) gets me my packages within two or three days of placing my order, and I'm on the opposite coast from them.

And if do make any soonish purchases there and use the code SUMMER when you check out, you should get 10% off your regular-price stuff.
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Brastop is a British site but it only charges £6.95 for delivery to the US, and they have a tremendous selection of plus size lingerie. They have a brand called Curvy Kate which is cute and affordable, although it might be too cute for your tastes. Similarly, Bravissimo is a great resource that also ships to the US. Remember that a 16 in your size is an 18 in Britain, 18 is a 20, and so on.

It might be easier to find a store by searching for some attractive brands that will fit you, like Freya, Fantasie, and Fauve (those are in order of price and fanciness). Elomi is another great plus-size brand from the same company that makes the aforementioned "F" labels. Try starting with Freya's "find a store" search - the list here has lots of non-sketch places you can check out.

If you really, really want to splash out, check out Rigby & Peller's own brand of lingerie - here's an example set - the quality is absolutely brilliant.

There's a reason i've linked to so many British sites - the industry over here is about four years ahead of the US, especially for larger sizes. You'd think that the US would be all over plus-size lingerie, but as you've found, there's a whole lot of trash choking out the great labels.

p.s. I know i'm a pain in the ass, but 42D is a really suspicious bra size - i was wearing a 40DD for years until I got properly fitted, and realised I was a 36G -- most women tend to wear bras with cup sizes that are too small and band sizes that are too large. If you're feeling adventurous, try ordering a 36F and see how it feels. Feel free to MeMail me if you want to follow up on bra-sizing stuff.
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(actually, try a 38F instead of 36 - my brain is slow today!)
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absolutely what UKdanae said, I too thought I was in the forties until I got properly measured. You need to get properly measured first. And then try on some of these:- for example my size in Freya is slightly different to my size in Fantasie, now that I know that ordering online is much, much easier. (What a G cup does for your decolletee....!
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Plus Size Bridal has a decent lingerie section. I used this site for 7 wedding and bridesmaids dresses and can attest to their great customer service.
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Torrid, believe it or not.
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Seconding Elomi—their bras are well constructed with good quality materials, durable, pretty (some have lovely embroidery) and not too expensive, considering the quality. I'm in the UK, and buy mine online from either Debenhams or Very, where they're often on sale for half RRP or less. I especially like their Tamarie design.

(Oh, and a warning: never, ever, ever, buy lingerie from Evans—the quality is appalling.)
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I've ordered several times from here.
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Cacique, which is via Lane Bryant - the bras last forever. And they have some quite attractive ensembles. They also won't break the bank.
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I'm plus-size on the cup and not the back, but I love Freya lingerie. Probably just on or above your budget, though.

We have a catalogue here called that cater for plus-size - I think they go up to something like a 56J - but as ukdanae says, get yourself measured first.
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I love the prices and quality at but they might be too tame for you. Also, the sale emails got to be too much, so I unsubscribed.
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