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I want to buy myself some luxurious, indulgent, gorgeous underwear/lingerie. Recommendations?

I am specifically looking for a matching bra and panty set that I can wear under everyday clothes. The bra should be an actual supportive bra with underwires, not a triangle bra or a bralette or a cami. Nothing costumey, no big bows or feathers or any of that. Smaller embellishments are okay as long as they wouldn't look lumpy under a shirt or pants. Comfort is important, too. I want something that looks good, feels good, and is well-made.

I've been looking around but have been overwhelmed by choice. I've been to both La Perla and Agent Provocateur and wasn't blown away, and if I'm going to be spending that much on one bra I want it to be worth it.

My size is within the range of most clothing lines, and other than an underwire bra I have no special needs fit-wise. I've been professionally fitted for a bra within the past six months.

I do not have a strict budget, but I prefer to save money, and my expectations rise with cost. If I spend $50 on a pair of underwear it had better be the best thing that I have ever put on my butt. If I spend $100 it had better be twice as good as the $50 pair.

I'm open to different styles and looks. There are some high-end boutiques within driving distance but I would much rather shop online.

Any recommendations you have would be helpful, especially brand-specific ones. If there are brands or stores I should steer clear of, that would help me too.
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Personally, I'm a huge fan of Freya. I love them because they were the first beautiful, girly lingerie I found that also fit well and supported my large chest, but they do have a full range of sizes. They are practical and comfortable, and the bras are mostly underwire. I'm not sure if they fit your definition of "luxury" but they are on the pricier side.
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Oh. Well. Here you go, no contest.
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I should point out that some high-end retailers cater to women of different shapes; for instance, The Lake and Stars isn't really designed for big-chested women even if they offer the appropriate sizes. So that's something to keep in mind.
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Sorry, the ugly link is there too.
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If you live in a city with an {intimacy}, I highly recommend a visit. I've been thrilled with the Marie Jo collections. On my last visit I bought an Aubade set and love that as well.
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Julianna Rae has lovely silk lingerie. I haven't ordered a bra from them as they don't carry my size, but the pajamas and chemises I purchased are lovely weighty silk with that liquidy feel.
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For Marie Jo, if you can find it, my favorite bra is the Irina. It's a fall/winter '10 style. The "timeless favorites" might be easier to find, and I also love the Jane.
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la perla if you're a nice girl. agent provocateur, if you ain't.
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I love La Perla. There's also Agent Provocateur.
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(she already said she's tried AP and La Perla)
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(oops, my bad too. not ap?)
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Chantelle, Simone Perelle, Aubade, Elle McPherson are all brands of which I have personal experience. I am a high-end lingerie slut, and at this point in my life (finally!) an experienced one!

seek out a high end department store or (if you are in a city) small independent boutiques. they'll know how to fit you, carry an array of styles and brands and the sales...oh the sales...

the only better way is to go to europe to do your shopping :)
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i'm also v reluctant about the overly frou-frou and wireless bras. i like this store's approach. while the store is targeted for women with D+ sizes, they pay particular attention to construction and comfort. i'm not that well endowed, but heavy duty does well for anyone and i trust the brands stocked. ymmv, but i'm partial to:

- damaris and mimi holliday (uk), nice range from sheer lacy un-lined bras to fully lined and bustier like things. bras 80-100 usd, bottoms around 50-70. all can be matched with your choice of boy shorts/thongs/'knickers' to demi/full/padded/etc.
- simone perele (us), nice sets listed under 'occasions' and also a good range like above. bras 80-100, bottoms 35-60. smaller range of matching options.
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Wolford. I've never tried their bras, but their panties, tights and stockings are amazing.
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It sounds like the classic French and Belgian brands would work for you - Lejaby, Simone Perele, Lise Charmel, Valery, and especially Aubade. All of these labels do everyday wearable luxury lingerie, and if I could wear their sizes, I'd be in Aubade every day. Try googling "Aubade Bahia," that's one of their most popular continuation lines and they sell it in a wide variety of colour options over the seasons.

You might find that browsing the German lingerie retailer Cazar gives you a lot of options you'd like - they tend to stock all the European labels (as well as some Italian brands that are a little more risque). They also stock Chantal Thomass, a legend in lingerie, who might be a little too frou frou for you, but I think might be borderline.

You might also love Rigby and Peller's own brand - it is ridiculously expensive but I've always loved their quality and felt it was worth it.

If all of those options were a bit too lacy for you, try Huit.

Finally, check out Fleur of England - their looks are refined, classic, their fabrics are super-sumptuous, and everything is beautifully made.

(and if you want some gorgeous vixen-y lingerie, get thee to Lascivious!)
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Straight male here. Aubade.
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I also got a Marie Jo bra at Intimacy, and I really like it. It's not the most eye-catching bra (I deliberately chose a plainer bra so I could wear it more often), but it fits great (YMMV of course), has interesting little details, and has held up much better than my mall-store bras. When I put it on in the morning, I'm all like "Ahhh, quality!"

Their L'Aventure line has some younger, more fun styles, but those are even harder to find than their main line.
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I don't have a specific brand suggestion, but my favorite place to shop online for lingerie is Figleaves. I'm pretty sure they do free returns, so you can buy lots of bras to try on and only keep the ones that fit perfectly.

I've also had good experiences shopping at Intimacy, in person.
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You should go cruise The Lingerie Post for all sorts of ideas.
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If you are or can get to NYC, try Town Shop. Yes, older ladies will feel you up, but they will be able to tell you exactly what you need. My actress friend swear by this place (as does my wife, who only plays an actress on TV)
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