Cute and classy lingerie online or in NYC?
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Ruffly panties online, or in NYC? i.e. cute, classy panties/bras/corsets/etc that won't break the bank. Victoria's Secret falls apart pretty fast, in my experience. Looking for something a step up, but not ridiculously expensive or (on the other hand) trashy. At the very least, how much should I be looking to spend on such a thing?

No stretch lace, or "crotch-free," or no neon pink is the idea here. I've checked the archives and not really come up with anything helpful, other than one post about vintage online stuff. Sizes are "average" = 34C, dress size 6-8.
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I can't give you the exact link because I'm in class, but besides their primary line of merchandise sockdreams has a couple of ruffled panties along with some garters, hose and petticoats. No bras, sorry. Never bought from them but heard good things.

Just so you know, you are not going to get a really good corset (if you mean the kind of boning; if you just mean a bustier with lacing that looks corsety, than forget this paragraph!) for cheap. The best way to do those is to get them tailored to you, and because of the bespoke value and the complex construction, you can expect them to run in the hundreds. But if you really like that kind of thing, then it's worth it, because a corset that doesn't fit you is hellishly uncomfortable. Look around on even if you're not ready to buy one yet - it'll give you an idea of the possibilities.
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Kristina Ti is very very cool and quite expensive but not crazily so (not Eres expensive). You don't need to buy tons, and they're so well made that they'll last much, much longer than Victoria Secret's badly made stuff. It'll save you money in the long run.
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I like Century 21 for designer lingere at about 70% off. They everything from La Perla to Jockey for Her. There are plenty of fancy European designers in the mix, and they have ruffled lacy things as well as high end Swiss minimalist cotton briefs by Calida. Bras run $10 - $70, with the super high end bras in the $40 - $70 range, but these are the european lace bras that would retail at boutiques for $120 and up. (A friend got a really cool Miu Miu bra with weird serpents on it for $12 on super clearance.)
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Having never been in and not being a lady, I can't comment on quality or price, but Orchard Corset seems to do a pretty brisk business, based on what I can see from my fire escape.
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Orchard Corset is awesome! I highly recommend them for fitting. Their selection runs more towards the pragmatic and beige but gets better as the size gets larger. For supportive bras with D+ cups they are pretty hard to beat.
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You might try Journelle, who do a lot of high-quality lingerie that will be from mid-range prices to quite expensive. There's also La Petite Coquette, who have a very big range of good quality stuff, and probably more selection at a lower price point. They're probably a lot more "ruffly" as well.

I'm the editor of a lingerie weblog and my bargains editor would be happy to help you out, she's visited quite a few of the NY stores - I'll PM you with her details.
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Also, I blushed when the male Hasidic owner tried to sell me a white wedding thong. I don't remember them having much in the way of panties besides that, let alone ruffly ones. Their focus is more architectural then decorative.
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You never know what you'll find on etsy.
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I'm addicted to Agent Provocateur. Not cheap, but if you find stuff on sale it's not that bad.
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Cosabella and la Perla. Yum.
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Snickerdoodle, someone asked the same question on Yahoo Answers and someone there suggested Lula Lu for petite bras. Orchard Street is geared towards bigger boobies, but they do have a good selection is smaller band sizes so they are worth a call. You might also try calling the Town Shop on the Upper West Side. They were featured in the Times a while back.
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Seconding Agent Provocateur. Click on the product and click "Flip" to see the backside.
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Oops, I just realised that you're anonymous, so i can't MeMail you! Feel free to drop an email and she would be happy to help you out.

p.s. I can second Lula Lu for petite bras, they're an excellent source.
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Bare Essentials online has a wide variety of brands which might help you narrow down a few brands that you like. If you know your size really well, it will make ordering online easier. I LOVE the Town Shop on the Upper West side; they do a great job finding you the perfect size and style for your body type and they have a good variety to choose from. I have heard similar reports about Bra Tenders, but I have never been there. These are not bargain priced places; they fall somewhere between Victoria's and Agent Provocateur.
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Oh, I love lingerie shopping! Okay, if you want something very sexy and upscale, La Perla is best, but it is REALLY expensive.

So, for economical but good quality and fun (lots of different colors to choose from), you can try Hanky Panky, and find a whole matching line of sexy unmentionables, like their signature garter belts, bras, and panties at Bare Necessities. So, you could have that whole matching set for under $70!

Or for mid-range, Cosabella is very sexy: here's a sample set with garter belt, panties, bra. Get it in passion-fruit and it runs you ~$100 for all of them (other colors are pricier).

And, of course, pricey but to-die-for is all about La Perla: Here's a great price (for La Perla) on a Malizia bra and matching boyshort panty (thongs and garters aren't available in this style). Just those two pieces will run you $90, but believe me you couldn't hope to get a better price; generally, La Perla would run you twice that.

So there's a run-down of what you can expect to spend. Obviously, I recommend Bare Necessities. Check out their shop, they have LOTS more there!
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For any size, I'd recommend Ripplu, a Japanese lingerie store, 66 Madison between 27th and 28th. Their stuff is gorgeous (utilitarian, ruffles, lace, colors, whatnot), and the fitting alone is worth the price of admission. You'll look completely different. Bras run $40-90, but I think that's what things cost when you'd like something nicer than Victoria's Secret crapola, unless you're lucky enough to find something on sale, which they do from time to time.
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Seconding Hanky Panky. Also, Felina and Jezebel. They're available at most department stores, like Macy's or Filene's.
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my wife loves, la perla, cosa bella, hankypanky, wofford.
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