Best place online to purchase retro/vintage-styled lingerie?
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Best place online to purchase retro/vintage-styled lingerie?

Bonus points if it's in the US. (I've seen some great sites in the UK, but shipping is just too much.) Thanks!
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Trashy Lingerie. Never purchased from them, but some of their items are retro.
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This place looks interesting.
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Trashy Diva - I've not shopped online, but have in store. Some of the most consistently retro styled stuff I've ever seen.
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Secrets in Lace. The full-fashioned stockings are made on old school machines and you really do need a garter belt with them as a necessity, not an accessory, because they are not stretchy or anything like that. Some sexy-variety lacy things, but with functional still very firmly in mind. The panties really are big and the strapless bras will hold up big boobies and aren't just made to perch pert ones on. Not as many cute/flirty "contemporary" interpretations of retro, which might be a con if you want something cute and flirty yet retro-looking. Definitely a more sexy in the "older 'sophisticated' lady, though whoops you just went overboard and you now look like your Aunt Magda" kind of way (not that there's anything wrong with that, just saying).

Oh, and the stockings are very delicate and snag like a motherfucker. Like "get caught on the dry cuticles of my hands so lather lotion on those paws before slipping them on" delicate.
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What Katie Did. It doesn't come much more authentic than their stuff and my wife thinks they're adorable.
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Thanks a lot, librarianamy. There goes this week's paycheck.
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