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Help me find a unique lingerie boutique in Montreal

There are hundreds of lingerie boutiques in Montreal, but I'm not looking for the regular variety of underwear à la La Senza, Victoria's Secret, or La Vie en Rose. And well, tiny upper-scale boutiques just don't always display all their wares online like I wish they would.

I'm looking for some downright sexy, glamorous european-style lingerie. Emphasis on the details - fine embroidery, pretty lace, and more colours than the usual black/white/cream. Bras, panties, and bustiers that aren't like what you'd find in your usual suburban mall, something special. I'm also interested in some solid corsets that I can really lace up tight and get a good wasp-like figure with.

I'm a 36D, can sometimes fit a C if that matters. Cost isn't an issue, but I'd like to find places within biking distance of downtown Montreal. Thanks in advance! :)
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The Montreal LiveJournal community can be great for questions like this. Ainsi Soit-Elle sounds promising, and Change looks promising. And here's a thread on corsets that might be of some help.

Hope you find what you're looking for! I'm excited to see other recommendations.
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It's not a boutique, but from what i can tell Holt Renfrew stocks a lot of good brands, including Fleur of England and Bebaroque.

If it's still open (i'm not hopeful as the web address is dead!), the Josephine boutique listed on this page would also be perfect for the kind of brands you're looking for.
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Go see Madeleine at Ainsi soit-elle in Place de la Cathédrale. She's amazing. The store has a nice selection of higher-end European lingerie, in all kinds of sizes.
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Response by poster: I looked at all of these store suggestions online prior to making the post. Josephine's gone - I actually looked on google street view and the space is for lease. I'm still hoping someone pops on here that can point me to similar stores who've actually seen inside them - there is a lot of unaccounted-for underwear in Montreal still.

Thanks for the LiveJournal suggestion though, that's a huge help!
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Lyla Collection on Laurier one block west of Parc is exactly what you want. Very French, very detailed and quality oriented.
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