Looking for Unix sysadmin training alternatives to USENIX/LISA in the U.S.
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Where can my colleague go in the U.S. for up to a week of sysadmin training and mingling?

Last USENIX there was little or no training track, so I didn't go. This year's LISA shows no details on upcoming classes, and my colleague is looking for alternatives (he may well go to OracleWorld instead). We're a Solaris shop, doing .edu IT, using a lot of Oracle -- which means we're also investigating Linux.

There was that PICC thing in New Jersey lately, which is on the right track: we're more interested in in-person events than online training, since we want to have an element of networking.

I see this question from 2006 but it received zero answers.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Maybe check out SANS security training. They have tracks for Unix and Oracle specifically. I worked as a facilitator for a SANS event and there were breaks throughout the day that allowed for networking, as well as evening security presentations. Everyone generally stays in the same hotel, so there are opportunities to meet outside of the course. My experience was that people come from all over the country for a major conference.

A worthwhile course might be SEC506 - Securing Unix / Linux or SEC509 - Securing Oracle, both available at the upcoming Las Vegas conference in September.
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Geek Cruises.
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RedHat's conferences and training programs? Oracle's Linux offering is just RHEL in drag, after all (albeit with Xen and OCFS2 instead of KVM and GFS).
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Response by poster: indigo, thanks for reminding me of SANS. We're considering them certainly. A couple of years ago I proof-read several SANS courses, and have myself completed SEC506, a web app security course, a one-day Stay Sharp class on Unix/Linux First Responders, and others. They're usually good stuff.

rogerd, that's a good point about Red Hat and Oracle's Linux offering. Have you yourself taken any of their classes?
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