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A friend is hosting an event at her house tomorrow night, a kind of "salon" evening featuring a few authors, wine, and conversation. I'd like to get her some kind of hostess gift, but not the usual bottle of wine, since we'll have wine galore, and not the Bath & Body Works gift bag, since she's not that kind of gal. Any ideas?
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Wine Charms would be a useful gift. They are great little accessories that make it possible to know which glass is yours after you've put it down.
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Not a whole lot to go on, but I'll take a stab at it. What about a nice wine opener, or a book on wine ?
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Buy her An Omelette and a Glass of Wine or A Chance Meeting. For a salon evening I would think books would be a great hostess gift.
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Is this something you want or need to be shared? A bottle of wine that isn't meant to be drunk at that time (i.e., something that needs to be aged) is still a thoughtful gift if it's for the hostess. You just say, "This is for your cellar; it should be at its best around 200x." Otherwise, since it's a literary evening, a book would probably be appropriate. Maybe a nice history of salons.
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Just because there will be a lot of wine there doesn't mean you shouldn't also bring a nice bottle, whether it will be consumed that night or not.
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(The flowers suggestion was good, too. A book seems too "here's a present"-ish to me.)
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I'm guessing they have an opener. Unless you want to bring food, I second the flowers or candle idea.
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According to Six Degrees of Separation (the play/movie), pots of jam is a good gift. I think a fine cheese is a good gift too. Something consumable is considerate, people don't want more stuff to clutter their homes.
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If it's not too presumtuous, a CD of some nice, mellow background music might be appreciated. I second or third the flowers idea - that's a can't miss gift. Twice when I got invited to intimate get togethers where it was basically cheese and wine, I bought along a tin of good spiced nuts. Both times it went over really well.
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Oops - forgot the p.
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Personally, I think it's hard to have too much wine or too many flowers. I wouldn't, however, bring candles unless you know she's a candle type of person -- I personally find them almost entirely useless, and almost never burn them. Likewise, my roommate has received an inordinate number of candes over the years as gifts, and she also never uses them -- but neither does she get rid of them, so there's candles cluttering the laundry room, candles tumblng out of the coat closet, candles stacked among the canned goods in the kitchen, candles standing in waxy candle-y rows along the mantel. If we ever have a blackout, we're in great shape, but until then we're up to our ears in goddamn candles.
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At a recent wedding shower that was given in my honor, I gave the hosts and hostesses a wine coaster and a matching set of wine glasses coasters. I found them at Pottery Barn, quite reasonably, and they were all thrilled.

In the past, I have also given small, decorative cutting boards and spreaders (for cheese), and monogrammed "tea towels."
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Since your event is tomorrow evening, swing by a Barnes & Noble, Borders - or, other well-stocked Philly bookstore - and consider...

The Wine Bible (by Karen MacNeil) and/or a copy of Wine Enthusiast magazine (with a homemade coupon for a one-year subscription).

...or, head to Willams-Sonoma and get a gift-wrapped set (2 or 4) of Riedel wine glasses (recommendation: 2 of the Bordeaux wine glasses).
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josh - thanks to the pointers to An Omelette and a Glass of Wine and A Chance Meeting ... just ordered them on Amazon.
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....also considered the Wine Plates (set of 6; $38.00) at Williams Sonoma.
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*also consider*
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Nice chocolates?
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Thanks, everyone, for the suggestions. I love the idea of giving a copy of A Chance Meeting, since the evening is really an opportunity for everyone to hang out with some authors and talk about their books and the writing process. I think I'll do that, some flowers, and maybe a little something else (I'm already bringing food and wine, and books to give away). Thanks!
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One of those baskets with nice crackers, cheeses, olives, chutneys and stuff. If she wants to put it out that night it will be appropriate, but on the other hand it will be easy to shove aside if she's too busy to take care of, and she'll have lots of opportunities to enjoy it later. Also, assuming she's not a very picky eater, its a virtual guaranteed hit as far as suiting her tastes, which can be a problem with anything decorative or cultural (like books or music.)

I find that things like flowers that require immediate 'work' (ie trimming ends, getting them into a vase, finding somewhere to put it) actually are an inconvenience to busy hosts, no matter how much they genuinely like the gift.
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How about a small potted plant (maybe a little primrose or something)? Only if the host/hostess has somewhere to put it, of course, but it won't require any effort to "set up" (no trimming of ends, etc.).

Also, what about people who don't drink wine? Maybe the event could use some fancy fizzy mineral water?
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