Curly collars
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When I wear polo shirts, the tips of the collars are always flipping up. I don't want them to do that. How do I stop that from happening?
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get some spray on starch (not sizing, which is meant for synthetic fibers). After washing and drying, use the spray starch according to directions.
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I could never get that quite right and it seemed sort of wrong to starch what was essentially a casual shirt. At the behest of a friend I just stopped wearing them. Problem solved.
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How do you store your polo shirts? I don't really have a tip here, but I think that might affect them. I store mine hanging, with the collar turned up, but I wonder if hanging/collar down or folded/collar up/down would be better...
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I hang them, with the collar up.
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Ironing them - with or without starch (as pmbuko suggests) should solve the problem. Extra work, but likely to address the problem.
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Try taping a quarter to the underside of each collar?
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ch3ch2oh- first, great screen name. second, that article made me laugh my head off. finally: you're saying that my collars keep flipping up because I'm so damn rich? I can accept that. Haha, thanks.
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Yup, iron and starch always works; and any knitted fabric (Polo shirts are generally cotton knits) is best stored folded, rather than hanging. Oh, and the super-cool kids of Sydney have recently taken to wearing two polos at once, both collars up. I don't know why they do it, but they do.
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...any knitted fabric (Polo shirts are generally cotton knits) is best stored folded, rather than hanging

Why is that? I've always struggled to decide how to decide which things get hung and which things get folded. Although since my drawers are already full of socks, boxers, accessories, and shorts, I don't think anything else is going to get folded.
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grouse: Knit fabrics stretch out of shape if stored hanging. Gravity is not their friend. They get funky shoulders from the hanger, even if it's a padded fancy satin hanger. Fold 'em.
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Thanks Alylex. Never knew that.
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I just found this eHow article on How to decide whether to hang or fold your clothes.
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