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Rolling Stones ~ Meat Puppets ~ Silver Jews ~ Pavement => ? Recommend other musicians who make wryly amusing ramshackle music.

Artists who come close:
The Velvet Underground - none of that country vibe
Johnny Cash live - not noisy enough
The Grifters - sound too heavy, not as 'fun' to listen to
Pixies - not laid back

I found these searching but they're not what I am after:
The Mekons
The Wallflowers
Hank Williams
Frank Black
Uncle Tupelo

I realise this is a horrible question, the kind that is specific in a vague sort of way, but it's the best that I could come up with.
Please help me find more music.
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The Velvet Underground does get a bit of that country vibe in their album Loaded.

I don't think The Band is what you're looking for either, but The Basement Tapes might work, and Music from the Big Pink is worth a shot.

I'll be watching this thread closely, as I like the same kind of sound.
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I'm going to bet that Neil Young's After the Goldrush is also not noisy enough for you, but it is a great album that you might like.
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Best answer: How about early Modest Mouse? Lonesome Crowded West is pretty damn ramshackle.
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Early R.E.M.
The Feelies
The Replacements
Some Big Star
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Handsome Family may be too slow.
Stairwell Sisters may be too twangy.
16 Horsepower might be too weird.
The Reverend Horton Heat might be too ... psychobilly?
Son Volt is I think what you are after.
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Guided by Voices
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Mountain Goats, Okkervil River?
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Best answer: If you're into Pavement, I trust you've already explored Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks and Kannberg's Preston School of Industry?

You may also enjoy Let's Wrestle and Real Estate.
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Try or Pandora (the latter is US only) to browse lesser-known bands.

If 16 Hp is too bleak (which is what I'd consider, rather than just 'weird'), Reverend Glasseye or Strawfoot are both lesser-known bands with a similar sound a slightly greater sense of humor. (You would think I get paid by them, but no, Cube just loves this sound.) Some of the faster Nick Cave - like the murder ballads - can be amusing. Some of them are too weird.
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Best answer: Pere Ubu's album Pennsylvania
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Blitzen Trapper (Toured with Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks a while back)
Guided By Voices/Robert Pollard/Boston Spaceships
The Builders and the Butchers
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I always found I Hate Myself to be pretty ramshackle, in a good way.
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Southern Culture on the Skids
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Ween slides right in perfectly.
(lyrics NSFW)
Piss Up a Rope: the song with which Tea Leoni wooed David Duchovny.
Object: something I've been personally grooving to a lot lately.
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Best answer: Clear Spot by Captain Beefheart? Yes, I'm an old fart.
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If the Mekons and Uncle Tupelo aren't what you're after then, well, I dunno. You may be beyond help.

I recommend heavy doses of:

The Gibson Bros. -- Memphis Sol Today!
The Quadrajets -- Alabama Hip Shake
The Dexateens -- Hardwire Healing
Giant Sand (pretty much their whole catalog)
Don Chambers & Goat
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You might also check out Wolf Parade, especially their first album "Apologies to the Queen Mary". The members of Wolf Parade overlap with many other bands with similar styles, too.
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The New Pornographers?
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Mountain Goats. Smog. Lou Barlow: Sebadoh, Sentridoh, Folk Implosion. Tall Dwarfs. Early Kinks.
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The White Stripes
The Hold Steady
Tom Petty

Give Uncle Tupelo another go.
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Lucero, since BitterOldPunk isn't around to give them props. Maybe a little harder and louder than you want, but a lot of fun.
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I cannot recommend Ike Reilly (aka The Ike Reilly Assassination) enough.
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Best answer: The first two Violent Femmes albums
The first two Mazzy Star albums
John Spencer Blues Explosion
Nick Cave (Good Son, Henry's Dream, Let Love In, or even better: Live Seeds)
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Palace, Palace Brothers, Palace Music, Will Oldham, Bonnie Prince Billy? Maybe not wry enough, but certainly ramshackle in many cases. Maybe Viva Last Blues or Joya era? The track "Little Blue Eyes" off of the singles compilation Lost Blues might be right.

The earlier releases of Sons & Daughters?
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The Clean, maybe?
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Clem Snide is up yer alley.
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Primus, maybe Les Claypool's solo stuff.
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Give Luna a try.
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The Brian Jonestown Massacre may be just what you're looking for.
Also, check out LA locals The Monolators.
And have you heard Dick Dale, age 72 and still rocking out like a man 1/3 his age?
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Neutral Milk Hotel
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No one mentioned Tom waits?
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Gram Parsons, especially the Flying Burrito Brothers' Gilded Palace of Sin. He was a big influence on the Stones around the time of Let it Bleed.
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My friend's band (no, wait, hear me out)
He played drums/toured with Silver Jews but his own band Scarce had that ramshackle twangy country-ish grunge going on. You might want to check out their "Deadsexy" album.
I know, I know, but even Spin named them one of "The Greatest Bands You've (Probably) Never Heard" in their August 2009 issue.

On preview, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is a great suggestion too.
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The Reigning Sound. Closer to the Stones end than the Pavement end of your list, but as indelible songwriting as any that you mentioned. Cartwright is a great, great singer, too.
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Seconding The Replacements.
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Small Faces/Faces.

Some of their stuff sounds like they are falling down the stairs while playing.
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Delbert McClintock, John Prine, Jane Siberry, Was Not Was, They Might Be Giants
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Seconding Giant Sand, that was the first band that came to my mind.
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Camper Van Beethoven
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I want to type The Strange Boys like a million times! And they're currently on tour! Exclamation point!
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country-influenced and/or hipster-friendly? and the kind of music where you can hear the smiles on their faces?

David Bromberg - mostly a session player, but his own stuff is generally pretty light-hearted
2nd to Wilco - the early stuff, especially something like Mermaid Ave.
The Unicorns - the sad part was that the joke that they hated each other was actually quite true

to me, nothing says "fun-to-listen-to country-influenced rock" like a certain well-known band from San Francisco, but I realize it's a lifestyle choice not all people are comfortable making.
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I like this kind of music too. Some stuff I'd suggest trying:
Ween. I'm surprised no-one suggested them yet.
Pete Droge & The Sinners: Find A Door. This album is a vastly underrated classic imho. I can't even find the best songs on YT.
Pete Bernhard. Both his solo albums are excellent.
Devil Makes Three.
The Coral. More. Even More.
The Zutons
The Gossip
Grand Ole Party. Sadly broken up.
Mumford & Sons. Just got this but like it so far.
The Minus 5. Oldie but goodie.
The Mother Hips
Tim Easton of Easton Stagger Philips.
The Whipsaws
The Libertines
Older stuff you might like: Kris Kristofferson , John Hiatt or Hoyt Axton
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And just for fun here's an awesome live cover of Fogtown of the highly ramshackle variety.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions.
Most of these are not precisely what I hoped to find but they still seem promising:
Real Estate
Let's Wrestle
Handsome Family - Through the Trees
Pere Ubu - Pennsylvania
Captain Beefheart - Clear Spot
Howe Gelb & Giant Sand
Violent Femmes
Beat Happening
The Halo Benders
Palace, Palace Brothers, etc.

I will also give Uncle Tupelo another go.

Lonesome Crowded West from Modest Mouse is a perfect answer. Fortunately, I'm already familiar with it. I'm also up to date with Wilco, The Replacements and the Flying Burrito Brothers but, nevertheless, the suggestions are much appreciated.
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This compilation has a lot of bands you and others have mentioned. And you can get it super cheap second-hand right now.

Also, the band X. I believe Los Angeles is the usual recommendation, but all I listen to these days is their live album. (Here, I believe, is a 'best of' type thing.)
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