Lunch and music in Nashville this Saturday?
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Where should I get lunch in Nashville this Saturday?

I'll be passing through Nashville for the first time this Saturday, mid afternoon, and I'd like to get some local fare. I'm a musician and really into rock and country, and so it'd be cool to hit up a spot that has an open mic or some live music of some sort...
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If you can stretch things to late afternoon (after 5:30), you'll be wanting the Bluebird Cafe for the true Nashville experience. Otherwise, just head to Music Row. Plenty of restaurants there, and most places will have some striving, starving artist playing while you eat. Rippy's barbecue is pretty decent, there's usually music, and then if you have time go have a couple of beers or cokes at Robert's Western World or Tootsies across the street. They're my favourite places for free live music on the row.
Here's a decent blog post on your Music Row options.
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Actually, "Music Row" doesn't refer to the honkey tonk area Cilantro is talking about, it's the area further south where the record companies and recording studios are, but there aren't really many good places to eat there. The honkey tonk restaurants are on "Lower Broad" (broad street) and I do agree it's probably a decent place to go. All of the bars will have live music going all day from maybe 10-11am on. If you want to get music around lunchtime that's probably the place to go. None of the bars that actually have bands playing are particularly known for their food but Robert's Western World has a grill behind the bar that is ok, I think they have a recession special with a fried baloney sandwich, a moon pie, and a PBR for a few bucks. Robert's is pretty awesome in general. If you want some real food Jack's BBQ is just a couple doors down and is pretty good. None of the bars have a cover charge or anything so you can hop around.

If you're willing to skip the music but want some real southern food hit up a meat 'n three restaurant. My favorite is the Sylvan Park Melrose on 8th Ave. Warning: extremely heavy fare.
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I said "Broad Street" but it is of course "Broadway". oops.
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Long-time Nashvillian here.

If you like barbecue, go to Hog Heaven near the MacDonald's at the edge of Centennial Park, which is on West End Avenue across from the Vanderbilt Campus. Tour the replica of the Parthenon in Centennial Park if you have time--the weather should be nice and it's really an experience to stand in the reconstructed Greek temple, which is the same size as the original.

If you want a slightly fancier lunch, go to the J. Alexander's on West End, which is just across the street from Centennial Park. You can get good bistro fare here and wine and drinks and if you can get a table in the front room, you'll have a very good view of the park.

Walking up and down Second Avenue and Lower Broadway will give you a little flavor of night life in Nashville and there are several honky tonks, but the area is largely for tourists. If you can swing it, go to the Station Inn Saturday night. The food is very basic (pizza and barbecue), but the live music is great. They have a website. Or go to the Mercy Lounge for music Saturday night, if you can. Don't know about what food they have.

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I agree with ghharr that if you want live music in the afternoon + food you should probably just head to Broadway. There are quite a few options.

If you are looking for a really good burger I must recommend Burger Up. Excellent food and the truffle fries are so amazing.
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I'd probably go to Germantown and hit up Monell's for some family-style, southern, flat-out delicious food--and then go to Broadway and Second Avenue to catch some good music.
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Awesome, thanks for all the great responses guys! Sounds like I'll probably wind up wandering around "Lower Broad" a bit. I'd like to see that replica of the Parthenon too :) Thanks again!
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