Lucifer Sam loves you!
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Please help me find songs that sound like Lucifer Sam (Pink Floyd) and We Love You (Rolling Stones).
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Best answer: These aren't two songs I'd have immediately connected in my mind, but sounds like you're looking for darkish psychedelia, maybe with a descending chord progression?

Thee Oh Sees have made a career of this. The Coconut is the first Oh Sees I thought of with your examples.

Some lesser known example from the era-

Pretty Things "Baron Saturday"
Creation "Painter Man"
Small Faces "Happiness Stan"

then there's the version of Loverboy's "Working for the Weekend" at the start of this video
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Some of Spacemen 3's stuff might fit.
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Best answer: From the same time period: Sunshine Superman by Donovan

I also hear a little bit of Zombies in the Floyd track, but not quite so druggy.

For modern stuff, you're going to find a rich vein of this stuff in the Brian Jonestown Massacre catalog, and maybe the Black Angels.

BJM stuff:
Spanish Bee
It Girl
Straight Up and Down

Black Angels:
Yellow Elevator
Bad Vibrations
Entrance Song
True Believers
You on the Run
The Return

They're a little more "fuzzy", but early Warlocks:
Shake the Dope Out
Baby Blue

Taking pipeski's suggestion of Spacemen 3:
Call the Doctor
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Here's a previous question that gets into some of the same stuff from a different starting point, and tends to veer a little more towards the modern, shoegazy end of things. You might find some things in there.
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Response by poster: Oh man, how could I have forgotten Hey Bulldog? I'm going to contact the mods and see if I can add that to the OP text. Searching on Spotify (which sadly elides The Beatles) led me to this version by Spooky Pie which, while not being The Beatles, is pretty damn legit.
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Best answer: Yeah I'm thinking some early Brian Eno, like Third Uncle, and Love and Rockets, like Haunted When the Minutes Drag, would fit the bill. BTW, the latter have their own pretty good cover of Lucifer Sam.
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Response by poster: Nice! I was able to cobble together a sweet little playlist from this. Thanks, all!
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