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OBX-filter: favorite newsstands or bookstores near Nags Head on the Outer Banks? Bonus points for somewhere that reliably carries the New York Times.

I'll be there in June and will try not to use the Internet at all while I'm there. But I'd still like to get a good newspaper each day, and I love good bookstores. What are your favorites around Nags Head?

I know there are a few grocery stores (Food Lion, etc) around that probably carry some things, but if anyone actually knows of somewhere that carries the NYT, that would be fantastic.
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There is a huge NY contingent in the Duck area during the summer so I don't think you'll have a problem as the local stores cater to that crowd. May want to ask on the TripAdvisor OBX forum. Bunch of locals hang out on there. Have fun. Used to spend mucho time there, great place.
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We always loved going to The Island Bookstore in Duck, which is maybe a bit of a drive from Nags Head depending on traffic.

In general, I'd say you won't have a lot of trouble picking up newspapers -- a lot of places carry the New York Times and the Washington Post to cater to vacationers from those areas.
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great, thanks to you both!
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Yes, the Outer Banks sometimes seems to be about 50% DC people. You'll find the NYT at any grocery store, and plenty of other places besides-I know the Exxon on Beach Rd just past the Wright Brothers Memorial has them, not to mention the Baltimore Sun.
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