I want the funk! And all that jazz.
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I'm looking for funky jazz, with plenty of synth, an upbeat pace, and R&B influences, in the style of the mid 1980s to early 90s work of Chick Corea and Jeff Lorber. I've noticed this style tends to be copied in video game and movie soundtracks from that period, so recommendations for those types of music are welcome.
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Old Herbie Hancock?
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The James Taylor Quartet?
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Some of the Jeff Beck stuff from that period might suffice, the stuff he did with Jan Hammer (of Miami Vice theme fame.) Wired and Blow By Blow are both sort of jazzy, funkified, blue-eyed R&B.
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I assume you already know about all the Chick Corea Elektric Band albums and are looking for similar things. You might start with the albums released by other Elektric Band members during that time period, such as Dave Weckl and John Patitucci. By Weckl, you might like "Master Plan," "Heads Up," and "Hard Wired." By Patitucci, check out "On the Corner."

You might also like Chris Potter's Underground releases. No synths, but it still has that electric element through guitars and/or electric piano/organ. Follow the Red Line is particularly good.

I could keep going but I have other obligations to attend to . . .
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I can give you funky synth, and upbeat, the Droids...it does go all Kansas-y at the mid-point.
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George Duke
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How about some Massive Attack?
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Not really sure what you're asking as I don't know your reference songs. Let me know if either of these is appropriate and if so, I'll try and make some more suggestions:

Budos Band
John Lurie
Lalo Schifrin
Mustafa Ozkent
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Jean Luc Ponty. Electric violin, and synths. Around 1989, I saw him perform in California. He did one number where everyone was on a synth. I admit, I prefer him to stick to the violin, which he makes incredibly exciting.
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Weather Report
Mahavishnu Orchestra
Ray Barretto
Jimmy McGriff
Grover Washington
Billy Cobham
Dexter Gordon
Chuck Mangione
Eumir Deodato
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Seconding Weather Report. First thing I thought of when I saw this description.
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Maybe not exactly what your looking for.

Manzel-Space Funk
Azymuth - May I Have This Dance
Patrice Rushen - Remind Me
Herbie Hancock - You Bet Your Love
Herbie Hancock - I Thought It Was You
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Hiromi - try Kung Fu World Champion.
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