A Certain Irritating Soundtrack
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A friend of mine's been watching the anime "A Certain Scientific Railgun S", and he's been having trouble identifying one of the incidental music pieces. It's in episode 11, from 17:52 to 20:00--what song is this (mp3), used here, and which of the OSTs is it on, if any? He says he's searched them all, including a second Railgun S OST which apparently came out yesterday, but he can't seem to find it, though he admits that he might have missed it along the line. Any help you can offer he'd appreciate. Thanks!
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Anime OSTs often don't include all the background music composed for the show. (I was massively frustrated when the Haibane Renmei OST didn't include my favorite piece of background music.)
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Response by poster: No one's watching this question, probably, but I might as well update—my friend's just told me that the song is on the second OST after all, and he's got no idea how he missed it. It was called "決意と覚悟", though he also says it's not on YouTube just yet, so...

So anyway, I'm just gonna mark this resolved. Thanks to anyone who went looking.
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