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I'm a career advisor looking to expand my collection of resume, cover letter or interviewing books and am looking for suggestions.

I've got a pretty decent collection of books for individuals looking to build their first resume, and those looking for more entry level work. Because of all the layoffs in my area, I've started seeing a lot more mid-career professionals, people with strong educational backgrounds and lots of responsible work experience. I need materials or books that suit this population. Any suggestions of really helpful books or web resources?
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60 Seconds and You're Hired. I recommend it to everyone.
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The Career Tools podcasts at Manager Tools. Their interviewing series and resume review services are great.

I'd especially (seriously, everyone needs to hear this) recommend the podcast Your Resume Stinks. On the strength of this podcast alone, I increased my monthly contact from recruiters 5x. It's all about accomplishments.
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The best advice I've read for mid-career is Nick Corcodilos's "Ask the Headhunter". He is a headhunter that rants against clueless HR drones and recruiters. But, most importantly, he emphasizes the need to do your homework on the company you are investigating. Figure out what you can actually do for them and then approach them from that perspective. I then approached my resume, cover letter and interviews with these things in mind.

He has a book, website and blog.
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