"Misty Mountain" from Hobbit OST Similar ?
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"Misty Mountain" from Hobbit OST Similar? I have been loving that song since first hearing it. The OST is only about 2 min long and kinda wish they did a longer version. Any songs with similar characteristics .. the deep voice singing, chanting almost?!
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My first thought was this.
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There have been a few Reddit posts as of late asking this question. This thread was the most popular with just under 400 comments on it, and there were some really good recommendations in there.
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Oh wow, I was gearing up to ask a similar question, high-five!

I actually have two songs I've been listening to on repeat that I think evoke similar emotions (in me, at least); the sound isn't precisely identical, as they're choral pieces and don't really have that chanty feeling (and are a bit more unrestrained, vocally), but they do feature a similar sort of nostalgic/wistful/melancholy quality.

Sorry, I can't find the songs on YouTube so I only have Spotify links:
Morriston Orpheus Male Choir - We'll Keep a Welcome
Morriston Orpheus Male Choir - Aberystwyth

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Response by poster: I looked through the reddit comments and the closest one that I came was to The National's version of The Rains of Castamere might make you smile- from HBO's Game of Thrones series.
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A female version: From King Arthur, We Will Go Home [aka Song Of Exile]. Unfortunately, I've never been able to find an official release. There's a couple remakes on Youtube.

Also of a female variety, but I think Maluka's video game covers come close.
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You, my friend, need some Corvus Corax
Most of their songs are uptempo but they do some sweet ballads.
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"Misty Mountain" reminded me of Patrick Doyle's Henry V soundtrack which has the epic feeling "Non Nobis, Domine".
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Slavonic church music such as the Rachmaninoff Vespers is what you need. Russian, Estonian and Finnish choirs with those deep, deep basses.
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A lot of folk songs and ballads that are usually sung by tenors can have a very different effect if sung by a bass.

Try a few by Paul Robeson:
Danny Boy
Joe Hill
and I think particularly this one:
The peat bog soldiers - Moorsoldaten
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If you're interested in more of JRRT's poetry set to music, Donald Swann wrote a slim songbook that includes Treebeard's Song and Namarie, both chantlike, as well as more homely songs.
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I came in to suggest Slavonic church music as well. In addition to Rachmaninov, look into Tchesnokov and Penderecki.
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What is "Hobbit OST"? Are there multiple edits of the movie in addition to the high/low frame rate versions?
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OST = original soundtrack.
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Misty Mountains was stuck in my head for days after seeing The Hobbit. I'm glad someone asked this question!

Anyway, check out Clannad and other Celtic singers. They usually have songs with that feel.
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You might like O Death by Jen Titus, which was featured on the TV show Supernatural. It has the same kind of background vocals as the Misty Mountain song, which for me is pretty key.

In case you haven't seen it, there's also Aragorn singing in the marshes, which is close-ish, as well as Aragorn's song, which you've likely seen/heard already.

I've been wondering this too - so happy you asked.
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