Majini in Flames
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I'm looking for other classical music that sounds like the "Majini IX - In Flames" track from Resident Evil 5.

Not being a music scholar I have a hard time explaining what it is about the song that I like. I do like the tempo; it's got a really "driving" pace to it, it feels like it's constantly building up to something grand and the little tune that the string instruments play just makes me shiver with excitement :)

If anybody can recommend any other artists or songs that I might like based on similarity to the linked song, I'd appreciate it.

Sorry if this seems like a really weak question but I know less than nothing about classical music.
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It reminds me of some of the Ninja Gaiden background music (the Xbox version) Searching for "Ninja Gaiden soundtrack" gets lots of hits like this
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Response by poster: The song you linked to appears to be straight electronic music, which is cool but not really what I was hoping to find...I was looking for more classical/orchestral type stuff, and not limited to video game music. Was there a particular song you had in mind that might closer fit what I'm looking for?
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Carmina Burana. I always find this exciting!
And crank the volume up!
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