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I kinda remember this animated sci-fi film from when i was a kid.

clutching at the deepest darkest recesses of my memory, but here goes:

around early-mid 1980's i must have seen it.
cartoon, could have been french, but dialogue was in english.
spaeship crash on green, jungly planet dad dies or is injured in some way
boy has to travel across planet to save him.
could have had a yellow spaceship in it that talked.

is all i remember. any takers?
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My generic answer is Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea, which was "Les Mondes Engloutis" in France. Some details are kind of close, but this may not be it.
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Er... long shots here, but maybe you've mashed up several shows in your head?

The Mysterious Cities of Gold - yt + wiki

Ulysses 31 - yt + wiki

Both were *ahem* "Franco-Japanese anime" whatever the hell that is. MCoG is very similar to the show Spartakus links to - I think it's perhaps the same production company, though wiki is unclear on this and I'm too lazy to look at the credits.

The only problem is that these are series, not films. Really can't think a single film that fits your description.
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How about Light Years (a.k.a. Gandahar)?
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Any chance it was the tv series Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors?
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@wfrgms: definitely know it isn't those two as i se them at least once every couple of years.
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