Animated Feature Films by One Animator
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So I know about Bill Plympton, Don Hertzfeldt, Nina Paley, and Phil Nibbelink, but are there any other people who have animated an entire feature length film all by themselves?
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Ray Harryhausen
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Best answer: In the same spirit, The Brothers Quay
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Makoto Shinkai animated "Voices of a Distant Star" entirely by himself. (It's 25 minutes so you might not consider it to be a "movie".)
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Best answer: Bruce Bickford
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Best answer: It took Christiane Cegavske thirteen years to make Blood Tea and Red String. It's very obviously an obsessively crafted, auteur effort, but I was unable to find anything confirming or disproving whether she did 100% of the filming herself. (If she didn't, I wouldn't be surprised if it was an extremely high percentage).
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Best answer: Elliot Cowan.

(Note that for most of the examples you gave, the animators still had assistants and other people working with them.)
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