'80s/'90s cartoon movie where everyone's left-handed?
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Anyone know of an (animated?) movie in the 1980s or 1990s where the child protagonist enters an alternate universe where everyone's left-handed? A friend remembers seeing it on a Saturday afternoon when he was young, and I thought I'd be able to find its title for him, but I'm not having much luck.
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Could he maybe be remembering the Simpsons ep in which Ned Flanders opened the Leftorium, his store for lefties?
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Response by poster: No, he spoke of this as being a cartoon movie that aired after Saturday morning cartoons one afternoon, and it was specifically brought up amidst a discussion of the concept of alternate universes. Thank you, though.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately, a quick text search yields nothing to do with left-handedness.
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Maybe it was The Point? Where everyone has a pointy head except Oblio?
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"The subject of today's article is a justifiably obscure, supremely nutty TV movie that features a man on the run, a Big Brother totalitarian government, a planet where everybody is left-handed and an edict banning all open air concerts...produced by crooner, actor and orange juice promoter Bing Crosby(!?)

"Ladies and gentleman, I give you "Stranded in Space"!"

YT: The Stranger (TV 1973)

A Google Groups posting says: "There was a TV series called "THE STRANGER," starring Glenn Corbett as an astronaut stuck on a parallel Earth."

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