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December 1, 2017

Untouristy tourists.

We are going to Kansas City in December with our almost three year old. We've never been there and are looking to fill a couple of days. In travel, we look for things that are interesting, different, and off the beaten path. What do you recommend we check out in KC keeping in mind that we will have our little one with us? We will have our car and aren't limited in any way with the exception of nap time from about 1-3 (which we can flex).
posted by rglass around Kansas City, MO at 10:42 AM - 13 answers

October 28, 2017

Kansas City whether the Chiefs are in the Super Bowl or not!

I'm going to be in Kansas City during Super Bowl weekend. Yay! But I have no idea what area to stay in, so can MeFi help me out? Also interested in hearing about things to do! [more inside]
posted by signondiego around Kansas City, MO at 6:32 AM - 1 answer

February 14, 2017

look kids! big ben! parliament! arc de triomphe?

sim card that will work in both the UK and paris? [more inside]
posted by koroshiya around Kansas City, MO at 11:38 AM - 9 answers has best

March 29, 2016

KC knowledge for an STL resident

I have lived in Saint Louis for over 10 years; my wife for 11. Neither of us are natives (so That Question has no bearing on our lives). She is in the running for a job in Independence, MO, and yes, I am gun-jumping here, but I think it's worthwhile to start gathering information about potentially living in KC. [more inside]
posted by stannate around Kansas City, MO at 4:20 PM - 12 answers has best

November 4, 2015

Kansas City Weekend

My mother and I are driving up to Kansas City this weekend for a coffee crawl and I am hoping to get suggestions for places to eat. [more inside]
posted by SarahElizaP around Kansas City, MO at 8:42 PM - 10 answers has best

June 7, 2015

Fun Ideas for Visiting Kansas City with Kids for a Baseball Game

I'm roadtripping from Minneapolis to KC over the 4th of July with my brother-in-law and our 3 kids (9 and 10 year old, high energy boys). We're staying with my uncle in Liberty. I'm looking for fun things to do in KC and on the drive up/down I35. Our primary goals are spending time with family and hitting a Twins/Royals game. Tentative itinerary and specific questions inside. [more inside]
posted by agog around Kansas City, MO at 8:54 PM - 14 answers

August 9, 2012

Where to stay in KC?

Looking for Kansas City accommodation recommendations for a group of 8 in September. [more inside]
posted by mcstayinskool around Kansas City, MO at 2:54 PM - 5 answers

July 25, 2012

Where to be in KC?

What to do in Kansas City? Short road trip layover tomorrow night (7/26) and we want to know what to do (besides BBQ) so we can saw we have "been" to KC. [more inside]
posted by leetheflea around Kansas City, MO at 5:06 AM - 9 answers has best

July 3, 2011

Haz fud on the 4th?

Wife and I will be in KC (Excelsior Springs) over the 4th. We've heard some "meh" reviews about the food of the place we're staying at, so we may need alternatives. What restaurants in the KC metro area will be open on the holiday?
posted by Gingercat around Kansas City, MO at 10:52 AM - 5 answers

June 30, 2011

HELP! Stranded in KC, Missouri

HELP! Stranded in KC, Missouri [more inside]
posted by MansRiot around Kansas City, MO at 1:52 PM - 11 answers

August 3, 2010

Cheapest way to rent a car in Kansas City?

Long shot, but... what's the dirt-cheapest way to rent a car in Kansas City? [more inside]
posted by Caravantea around Kansas City, MO at 7:18 PM - 14 answers

November 3, 2009

Kansas or Bust

We're visiting the in-laws in the Lawrence/Kansas City area for Thanksgiving and are looking for some activities to keep us busy. What are the must-see museums, events, and other such places that we can squeeze into our trip?

Assume 2-4 adults, no kids, money not a factor, anywhere within a couple of hours drive from the Lawrence area is eligible. Sports, arts, theater, and train-related experiences are all welcome!
posted by JuiceBoxHero around Kansas City, MO at 12:57 PM - 15 answers has best

September 17, 2009

I'm as helpless as a vegitarian at a Kansas City barbecue

I'll be heading to Kansas City in a week or two for just a few nights. It's on business, so I won't have any time to see the sights. But my colleagues are already talking about spending all night trolling for barbecue, because apparently, that's what you do in KC. But of course, I'm a vegetarian. I'd like to hang out with my workmates, but it's going to be a drag for me and for them if I'm eating dinner roles and water all night. So is it a lost cause, or is there usually enough non-meat fare that I won't be too conspicuous? Is there anywhere you suggest? I don't think I'll be able to talk them into marginal barbecue just because I'll have options. If I'm to hang for the night, the meat will have to be outstanding, as well as non-exclusive. And not that I'd be so lucky, but there isn't any good tofu/mock-barbecue, is there? Does that even exist? Is it worth the time?
posted by ochenk around Kansas City, MO at 1:44 PM - 18 answers has best

February 9, 2009

KC show us your Kitch (and where is the DDR?)

Kansas City - what's kitchy, what's fun, what's happening next week, and where are the arcades with DDR, ITG, or Pump? [more inside]
posted by hworth around Kansas City, MO at 12:25 PM - 12 answers

July 3, 2008

Fun things to do in Kansas City?

Fun things to do in Kansas City? [more inside]
posted by damn dirty ape around Kansas City, MO at 9:35 AM - 17 answers

May 12, 2008

Going to Kansas City, KCI here I come

If I'm driving into Kansas City on 71 from the South, what would be the quickest route to KCI Airport? We'll be coming in on a weekday morning, hitting Grandview at about 8:30 am, so morning traffic might be a factor.
posted by bjork24 around Kansas City, MO at 11:15 AM - 3 answers has best

April 27, 2007

Where's the cool stuff in KCMo?

I'm attending (as my first real vacation in 20 years) the Heinlein Centennial in KCMo in July. What to do; what to do? [more inside]
posted by baylink around Kansas City, MO at 8:50 AM - 9 answers has best

December 23, 2006

Should I go to Kansas City?

I am thinking about a visit to Kansas City one of these days. Aside from the delicious BBQ, is there anything else worth taking a look at in this fair city? [more inside]
posted by dhammond around Kansas City, MO at 10:25 PM - 15 answers has best

May 25, 2005

What to do in Kansas City?

KCFilter: The lady and I have an excuse and a reason to go to Kansas City a couple of weekends from now. Can the local MeFites recommend good sights/eateries/destinations romantiques preferably near the downtown area? [more inside]
posted by symphonik around Kansas City, MO at 7:39 AM - 14 answers

January 8, 2004

Is there somewhere near Kansas City which is inexpensive, fairly hip, and not moncultural?

Looks like we might be moving to Kansas City. We've already read lots of tourist guides, local media, and real estate web sites, but now I need some actual advice. The company I'll work for is in Overland Park, and we want to live someplace a) relatively inexpensive, b) with a good racial and class mixture, and c) moderately hip. Is there such a neighborhood? [more inside]
posted by pomegranate around Kansas City, MO at 1:59 PM - 4 answers has best