Fun things to do in Kansas City?
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Fun things to do in Kansas City?

I'm spending the weekend in KC and have a couple of things planned, but wouldnt mind hearing some other recommendations. What shoudlnt we miss? Where should we eat? What are some off-the-beaten path activities? Thanks.
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What kinds of things are you interested in? Would definitely help narrow things down.
If you like bars, what kind of bars?
Do you like art? First Friday art walk is tomorrow.
Othello performed in the park is still going on.
BB's lawnside BBQ- good barbeque, good blues, cheap drinks. Fairly off the beaten path.
Just avoid the Power and Light district. Please.
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Oh, and what kind of restaurants do you like? I'm assuming you want to avoid chains.
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BBQ. Period.

Boulevard Brewery has a pretty cool tour, with a tasting room afterwards. And there's an Arthur Bryant's (I think) not to far down the road.
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Unfortunately the Boulevard tour is booked through August.
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The Nelson-Atkins Art Museum is one of my favorite places to visit in Kansas City (don't miss the outdoor sculpture park).
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Arthur Bryant's is great, Gates is pretty good, the Nelson-Atkins museum is there, there is a zoo and other cool stuff at Swope Park. If you're gonna hit up a bar there are some cool, some mediocre and some divy type bars in Westport. I've never been to the Power and Light District, but it's really not my kind of place I tend to frequent the low end bars in Westport, there are also tons of places to eat there. I highly recommend Jerusalem Cafe. 39th Street just North of Wesport also has cool shops and places to eat. If you're into Mexican Manny's is phenomenal. The Royals are out of town this weekend as are the Wizards, but you might be able to tour the stadium. The 75th Street Brewery makes some darn tasty beer and darn tasty food. You could check out Worlds of Fun if you're into theme parks, or Union Station and Crown Center. The Plaza is also chock full of stuff if you're desperately looking for a place to spend money.
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You could visit the Christopher Elbow chocolate store which has the best chocolate ever. $1.50/piece unless you go to the First Friday art walk tomorrow at which the chocolates at only $1/piece. If you are into it, you should definitely go to First Friday.

Also, you could go hang out in Westport. If you're into books, Spivey's is neat. You could also go check out the City Market.

Off the beaten path - drive 20 minutes to Lawrence, KS which is much more fun.
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Oh, if you're into pizza Waldo's is the best, Minsky's is good too. Heading out to Lawrence is a good idea, it's summer so most of the students are gone and it's a bit more relaxed.
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Oh, pick up a free copy of The Pitch from a shop and check it for many many more ideas. Never been to the Crossroads, but it's something.

Here's some stuff a sales rep from the area forwarded to all his clients. Sorry for the formatting.
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There's a tomato festival on Saturday @ The City Market (with a salsa contest! woohoo!)

On Saturday from 2-4pm, Main Street Tobacco has free hookah demonstrations.

Sunday is Family Fun Day @
The Kansas City Museum

If you're a fan of jazz or baseball, you should check out the American Jazz & Negro Leagues Baseball museums.

Also, since Boulevard is booked, at least for the weekends, try taking a tour of The Roasterie and sample some of their fair-trade coffee.

That ought to keep you busy!
One last thing: Avoid the zoo; it's not worth your time/money.
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I've heard from multiple sources that The Hereford House is THE steak place to visit in KC. They're right on the feed-lot!
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Response by poster: Whoa, is the zoo really that bad? That's what I was thinking of doing saturday.
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It's not terrible. I enjoy it, but it's going through major renovation right now, so it may not be the best time to go.

The Nelson Atkins really is a good bet, and not just because I work there. It's got some great, great work-especially if you enjoy Asian art. The Kemper, right acrossed the street also has some great contemporary art. The Shakespeare Festival is also held right acrossed the street.
Damn I love my neighborhood.
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The KC zoo is the worst zoo that I have ever been too. It is also in a shady part of town. St. Louis and Omaha have much better zoos.

Definitely go to Nelson-Atkins! The Plaza has some neat shops and architecture. The Westport area is nice.
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The Truman library in Independence, the Eisenhower Library and Greyhound museum in Abilene, KS.
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Treasures of the Steamboat Arabia. I'm something of a history geek, but my brother took me there once and I thought it was pretty darn cool.
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Response by poster: Follow up: I liked the zoo quite a bit, but its really way too big to do in one day. By the time we got out of there we were exhausted from walking.

The collection at Nelson-Atkins was surprisingly impressive.

Saw some Jazz at Blue too.
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