Haz fud on the 4th?
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Wife and I will be in KC (Excelsior Springs) over the 4th. We've heard some "meh" reviews about the food of the place we're staying at, so we may need alternatives. What restaurants in the KC metro area will be open on the holiday?
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Presumably you're staying at The Elms. I don't know if it's open on the 4th, but Wabash BBQ is in walking distance, and was quite good. Otherwise, I suspect you're going to be stuck driving in to Liberty for places open on the 4th, and even then you may be stuck with chain sort of places. There are some decent places on the Liberty Square, but you'll probably want to call ahead and see what's open - the 4th is a weird holiday around here - conventional wisdom says you're supposed to be grilling in your back yard.
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Yes, we're staying at the Elms, and some of the recent negative reviews of the food there on TripAdvisor were giving us pause. We'll look at Wabash BBQ. We're big fans of the "out of the way" diner or small family restaurant, so we were wondering if any of those were available.
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Looks like Wabash BBQ will be closed, which is a shame, since we both appreciate great BBQ as well.
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We've located a place we regularly go to in KC that will be open, so we're set. Thanks for the ideas jferg.
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Los Compas on the square in Liberty is pretty good (actually, very good) but I can't guarantee it'll be open.
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