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February 9, 2019

Plan My Time Off For Me

In about a week, I will be at the Long Beach Convention Center in California. I don't know if I will have time off, but if I did, are there any used book stores that shouldn't be missed? Anything else there that is a must see? [more inside]
posted by wittgenstein around Long Beach, CA at 2:30 PM - 2 answers has best

December 14, 2018

From point A to B

How am I able to find an apartment to rent without a job or rental history and from across the country? [more inside]
posted by morning_television around Long Beach, CA at 10:55 AM - 9 answers

September 29, 2017

Where (PNW) should I head to see big rocks sticking out of the ocean?

Oregon coast? Washington? California? I've decided that a short (3–4 days) getaway would be just the thing to clear my head and sort of shrug off some of the past year. I'm thinking about the Pacific NW, specifically the coastline, but know nothing at all about it—except that it's beautiful and doesn't require a passport. That's a pretty good start. In fact, it might be the whole story. [more inside]
posted by heyho around Long Beach, CA at 10:32 AM - 35 answers has best

April 24, 2017

Help me move to Long Beach

Moving to Long Beach for my partner's work in about a month—and would love some advice about the city. [more inside]
posted by themadthinker around Long Beach, CA at 9:08 PM - 6 answers has best

March 1, 2014

Should I tag along for a trip to Long Beach?

Hubby is going to a conference March 30th - April 3rd at the Westin Long Beach. Should I tag along? We'd just have to pay for my airfare and petsitting, so maybe $500 which is definitely affordable for us. It seems like a good opportunity to get some west coast time (we live in Philly), but any place with Beach in the name sounds good right now...I'm afraid this cold, snowy winter will never end! Is there enough to do while Mr. jshort is at the conference all day? If I go, what should I do? Where should I/we eat? What will the weather be like? [more inside]
posted by jshort around Long Beach, CA at 8:42 AM - 17 answers has best

July 7, 2009

A long day in Long Beach

I'll be spending a day in Long Beach, CA without a car. What should I do? Where should I eat? [more inside]
posted by josh around Long Beach, CA at 8:11 PM - 11 answers has best

June 23, 2009

Advice on taking a cruise from Southern California

Got any advice on taking a short cruise leaving from Long Beach, California (or thereabouts)? [more inside]
posted by TheClonusHorror around Long Beach, CA at 2:28 PM - 6 answers

March 12, 2009

Help me get the hell out of here!

I'm at my wit's end here in Long Beach, CA. I have some money, I have a car, and I don't have to be anywhere till 9am on Tuesday. I want to get far away from here, just drive and drive and drive. But where should I go and what should I do when I get there? [more inside]
posted by malapropist around Long Beach, CA at 6:13 PM - 13 answers

July 10, 2007

Please help us find perfect accomodation on Long Beach Island!

Where on Long Beach Island should a dozen 30-35 year old guys stay for a stag party that is about drinks, surfing and Saturday night in Atlantic City...we're not looking for a frat/college/hookers type of stag scene, and there's... [more inside]
posted by Ziggurat around Long Beach, CA at 3:27 PM - 2 answers has best

June 9, 2006

with my mind on my money and my money on my mind

LongBeachFilter: With so much drama in the LBC, I'm looking for travel plans for my son and me But i, somehow, some way Gotta find something to do with him next Wednesday [more inside]
posted by DragonBoy around Long Beach, CA at 2:47 PM - 10 answers