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In about a week, I will be at the Long Beach Convention Center in California. I don't know if I will have time off, but if I did, are there any used book stores that shouldn't be missed? Anything else there that is a must see?

Purposely open ended. If you think it's worth seeing, mention it.
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You missed out on Acres of Books, which closed in 2008. Google shows up some nice indie shops, none of which I have visited personally.

Growing up, my mom often took us to Long Beach Museum of Art, which was enjoyable: thoughtfully curated contrmporary art with a nice gift shop, situated inside a gorgeous Craftsman home on a bluff overlooking the beach.

You'd be near the Queen Mary which is a large oceanliner permanently anchored and turned into a hotel. They have tours and entertainment, and there's shopping villages on that part of the waterfront nearby. Maybe not a must? But interesting if you're into historical types of things.

4th Street/Naples is a cool neighborhood to wander around.
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You might look at Book Off in Costa Mesa if that’s not too far away.
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