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I'm at my wit's end here in Long Beach, CA. I have some money, I have a car, and I don't have to be anywhere till 9am on Tuesday. I want to get far away from here, just drive and drive and drive. But where should I go and what should I do when I get there?

I'm thinking there are two main directions I could go; I could head up to Seattle and pass through Portland and SF on my way there, or I could head towards Zion and Bryce Canyon, I've always wanted to check out the national parks around there. But I don't know, this is a spur of the moment kind of thing, what is the weather like in Utah or Seattle right now?

Also, is there anything going on in Seattle this weekend worth heading up there for? I would be disappointed if I got up there and just thought, well, there it is, and turned around and left.

So which would you recommend? Drive to the city, or drive to nature? I'm going to leave tonight and drive through the night. I got a lot of sleep today.
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I'm going to totally ignore your two options and say go to San Diego. I went there over the summer (I'm in L.A.) and it was the first vacation I'd had in about 5 years, and it was glorious. The beach there is much nicer than we ever see, and the weather is pretty decent right now. There are all kinds of things to do (museums! eating! beaches! parks!), and it's not even that far away but it really does feel different there.

I also love Seattle (museums! eating! snow?), but I would check first, as it is almost certainly dreary-rain-season up there in March.
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so_gracefully: "I also love Seattle (museums! eating! snow?), but I would check first, as it is almost certainly dreary-rain-season up there in March."

No promises -- so far this week we've had snow, hail, and rain -- but today was cloudless, sunny, and beautiful.
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Still too cold up north. Were I in Long Beach, Ca at the moment (which I am), and I had a car (I do) and money (sorta) and nowhere to be (there's the rub), I'd head east into the desert and I wouldn't much care precisely where I wound up (except that it was clean and safe and warm and cozy).

Ever been to the Grand Canyon? Well I haven't and maybe that's where I would go (except, kee-rist!, it's raining and snowing there).
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This is why God created Baja.
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From Long Beach that's a walk, not a drive.

Seconding notyou: This time of year, I'd be more inclined to take the 10 east than the 5 north.

/represent the LBC
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Tour of the best spots on the Wildflower hotline?
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Seattle and back in 5+ days is kind of a monster drive. I agree that the desert seems like the better route.

I'm not a fan of Vegas myself, but other people seem to love it, so that's possible.

If you're dead set on North, I might look at San Francisco and back instead of Seattle and back.
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Joshua Tree. You can stay at a number of places around there, or camp, or both. If you have a bike take it with you; J-Tree is bike friendly.
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Seconding jet_silver. Joshua Tree is wonderful and has great hikes, views, etc. And, on the way there you can get a yummy date shake in Indio and see the giant roadside dinosaurs (featured in Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Just head out the 10.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses, everyone. My plan is to go south rim of the Grand Canyon -> Monument Valley -> Arches, and go from there. Thanks!
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Sounds cool, but the check the weather in Utah. Some of the higher elevations get a lot of snow this time of year.

I was in Zion a few weeks back and it kinda sucked- the only road that was open was the tourist-clogged one through the canyon itself- I couldn't really get into the higher more isolated areas. And I had to rush back to L.A. before the big storm coming in completely closed the 15.
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Response by poster: Thanks again, everyone. I made it through the south rim to Monument Valley and the four corners before heading back. It was awesome! :)
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