Where to live near Edwards AFB?
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Need advice about places to live near Lancaster, CA

I just got a job on Edwards AFB, and will be moving to the area. I have read a lot of negative things about the area, but this move is for employment and "don't move there" is not an option. Any constructive advice about places for a single girl with a dog to live in relative peace and safety would be greatly appreciated! Lancaster, Cal City, Rosamond, North Edwards, etc all on the table.
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A friend of mine recently moved from the Bay area to Tehachapi, which sits on the pass between Bakersfield and Mojave (from the map it looks no farther from Edwards than Lancaster is.) He loves it; it's a small, peaceful town and the elevation spares you from the desert heat during the summer, though they do get some snow during the colder months.
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For Lancaster, the areas closer to the 14 freeway tends to be nicer. If you plan to make regular excursions to Palmdale or LA you'll want to live more towards Lancaster. Quartz Hill is the most well off area in the Antelope Valley.
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