Help me move to Long Beach
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Moving to Long Beach for my partner's work in about a month—and would love some advice about the city.

My partner's job is causing us to relocate from the Bay Area to Long Beach in early June. We've explored the city a little, but I still don't really have a feel for it, so I'm looking for advice on finding places to live (lots of property management companies, huh?), hole in the wall amazing places to eat, the best cocktails without having to go to DTLA, that secret amazing place that you always want to take your friends but they never believe you...

All of that wonderful stuff. Lay it on me!
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FWIW, if I were working in Long Beach, I'd probably also be considering living in Huntington Beach or Manhattan Beach. Nothing against Long Beach, but each of the beach towns has its own feel, and I think it's probably worth broadening your search just a bit to make sure you find an area you love.
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She actually has to split her time between Torrance and Orange, so we've been looking at Long Beach as somewhere equidistant so commuting isn't too brutal in any one direction.
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Disclaimer: I left LB in 2010, so things may have changed.

Neighborhood: Belmont Heights. There are lots of rentals from property management companies, but I found a place by driving past it - 1br in a Spanish-style 1920s building. I miss that place; so many vintage details and 3 blocks from the ocean. You will find more rentals between Belmont Heights and downtown, but parking is scarce. Check the neighborhood in the evenings to gauge the parking situation.

Places to eat/drink:
Belmont Heights, breakfast/brunch: Starling Diner, Coffee Cup Cafe
Seal Beach: Beachwood BBQ (beer selection and food); 320 Main (food's great but cocktails are better)

I worked in Santa Ana and Carson, and the commute is slow... but there are surface street alternatives.

I would not recommend HB (bro vibe) or Manhattan (expensive). If you're looking for an interesting area with character, San Pedro.
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Also: Sakae Sushi in Gardena. Time-warp takeout place.
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I had a great breakfast at Berlin Bistro. It's next door to Fingerprints, a cool record and book store, and down the block from Lyon Art Supply.

I haven't explored downtown LB much more than that but it seems like it's very much up-and-coming, a definite change from the last time I was there. The Expo Blue Line serves the area, which opens up a ton of car-free options. (Take the Blue Line to all your rallies, protests, and marches in DTLA!)

San Pedro/Port of Los Angeles: The San Pedro Fish Market is a giant, open air fish market. You wait in line, choose your seafood, and they cook it up right there for you in a bunch of different styles. The Saturday Morning Fish Market for wholesale fish directly from the source. If the sun is up, you're too late. Lobster Festival, because festival of lobster.

Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.
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In today'S Eater: The 16 Essential Long Beach Restaurants
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