Please help us find perfect accomodation on Long Beach Island!
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Where on Long Beach Island should a dozen 30-35 year old guys stay for a stag party that is about drinks, surfing and Saturday night in Atlantic City...we're not looking for a frat/college/hookers type of stag scene, and there's...

Our plan:
Drive from NYC to Long Beach Island on Friday evening, have dinner and drinks on Friday night, then get up early to surf on Saturday morning. Saturday night we stay up late in Atlantic City, then sleep on LBI, followed by more surfing on Sunday.
We want to be within an hour of AC, and within minutes of a good surfing beach.
We're all professionals, can afford to spend a few bucks on a decent place, and while we will be partying, dead hookers and vomiting on the streets isn't our scene.

We'd be open to a hotel, motel or rental condo/house where we could all sleep...does that kind of condo or house rent out there? If so, where? Any advice or warnings?

Oh yeah, and any advice on an easy (and fun?) way to get from Atlantic City to LBI late on a Saturday night/early on a Sunday morning?

note: there have been somewhat similar questions asked, but not about our particular demographic...but apologies if this question seems repititious.
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dead hookers and vomiting on the streets isn't our scene.

Since your question has zero answers after several hour, I think that you're going to have to rethink these restrictions. ;)
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Any price range in mind?

For cheaper, and more convenience to AC, my first thought would be to stay off the island at a Holiday Inn or something similar on 72 near Manahawkin. It would probably be 15-20 minutes to a surfing beach on LBI and 40 minutes to AC.

For staying on the island (which would be my preference) you could check here for availability:

Both of these motels look large enough to potentially accommodate you and your friends, but you'd have to call and confirm!
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