Where does my garden grow?
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Where on my new/proposed property is there sunlight throughout the day?

I've just bought a house, and I'm working with the landscaper on the landscape arrangements. I'd like to have an area for an herb garden as part of the design. I know what herbs I want to plant, as well as what kind of sun, soil, and water they need. What I don't know is where the sunlight falls on my new property throughout the days and seasons.

Is there an online resource or application I can use to figure out where to put my garden?
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This question has been asked before.
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Oh! I'm so sorry - I did search. Thank you for the pointer.
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Your landscaper should know this just by virtue of working in the area. If they don't have any idea, I'd look for a landscaper that is more horticulturally minded.
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I'm working with the landscaper on the landscape arrangements.

The answer is right there. I understand the desire and interest to learn and do certain aspects yourself, but by all means you should involve them in your decision making. They might have great ideas about path-flow, storage, water, and other things you might not know to think about. For instance: compost piles often do well under deciduous trees, and sometimes it's advantageous to have some slightly shady areas for cerain herbs or lettuces and greens esp. in hotter areas.

Without getting too techy, another little trick is to watch the moonlight. Where it falls in the summer is where the sun will be ~6 months from now.
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I've just started up a garden myself, and I see you are even farther south than I am. A word of warning -- "full sun" does not mean what you think it does. The landscaper should know all about this, though.
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