Vitamin Blecchh
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Recommendations for a Vitamin B-Complex supplement that won't make me want to vomit?

I have for many years tried to incorporate Vitamin B supplements into my diet, but they taste so awful that I feel nauseated for several hours after I take one. I've never actually puked one up (THANK GOD) but unless it's a developing embryo in the far-off future I'd prefer to avoid all sources of daily morning nausea. I was taking the tablet form for awhile, then switched to capsules, and both suck. Know you of a less vile form? Unfortunately it has to be unsweetened, too.
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You need to take B supplements with food, or they will make your stomach hurt. This is probably what´s causing the nausea.
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Burhanistan beat me to the suggestion: I take EmergenC effervescent powders for exactly this reason. I cannot stomach large vitamins, but have so problem sucking down a small glass of fizzy vitamin 'juice.' Also, the super orange is surprisingly delicious. You can pick these up at Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, or any number of cute little co-op's in the greater SF area.
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Most everything with Vitamin B in it will have that distinctive vitamin B smell. Some will have less than others, though. EmergenC does have less of a smell though!
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On a related note...
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Maybe you don't need them and your body is letting you know.
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Response by poster: yohko: I've always taken it with a big-ass breakfast, so the empty stomach hypothesis is out, sadly.

Burhanistan: I've tried the Whole Foods capsule form and that flimsy shield isn't quite enough.

I've checked out EmergenC but I can't do the fructose. Sorry to be such a debbie downer. :(

zadcat: you have any backup data for this suggestion, or is it just a hunch?
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HotPatatta said: "On a related note..."

This was my post. I never found a B-complex supplement that didn't make me want to ralph. It seems the only thing I can manage is Flintstones.
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How about taking them at night just before you go to bed?
You'll have alarming pee in the morning, and maybe some crazy dreams, but at least you won't want to hurl.
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Best answer: Niacin is a mild nauseant, apart the smell (although I find that of the B-vitamins the smell of niacin is the one that's mildly objectionable to my nose, sort of like Totalâ„¢ fortified cornflakes on overdrive.)

So try finding one that has little or no niacin.
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I haven't tried this- but a friend of mine grinds her B vitamins and puts them in a smoothie- I'm not sure if this jives with your "unsweetened" criterion.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tip about niacin! I couldn't find a niacin-free B-Complex, so I just purchased separate B6, B9, and B12 supplements. They're totally inoffensive. Hooray!
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