My DJ plays and his music stays in your mind for days
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What song and artist is played in this video? The key line seems to be "you don't know the way we flow in Chicago."

I heard this featured in a DJ set at the Blue Nile in Minneapolis, and I think it was being sampled in another track, so bonus points if you know what that might have been. I found this video searching for the most memorable lyric, the only results I came up, so either I got the lyric wrong or it's sort of obscure. I know I could try contacting the person who made the video and I suppose I will if you all come up blank. And boo on people who don't even credit the music they appropriate for their homemade snapshot reels.
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Have you asked Alaina?

For the record, Shazam didn't recognize it, so maybe its an unsigned demo?
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Response by poster: It looks like I'm coming up blank so I did contact the video maker. It forced me to sign into my MySpace account, something I avoid at all costs, so it was sort of a stretch, but you gotta do...

I'll update this if I get an answer from her.
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Best answer: From the maker of the linked video (who was super nice and a former Minneapolitan, and now I feel like a dink for complaining about her not attributing the song in her video):

Song Title: Chicago
Artist: Ugochi Nwaogwugwu
Album: American Butafly (I think that is actually African Buttafly)
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Response by poster: The album is available on iTunes Plus as well, incidentally.
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Response by poster: And, uh, Amazon.
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