Cheap parking near Philly airport?
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cheap longterm parking at philadelphia airport?

I know the Philadelphia International Airport has economy parking. But can anyone recommend other cheaper options for 10-day parking? It should be safe, and have convenient/frequent shuttlebus service to the airport.
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Smart Park has pickup on demand and is located about 3 miles away in Essington. Some of the hotels in that vicinity also offer parking and a few will let you park for free if you're staying overnight before/after you catch your flight.
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Best answer: About a year ago, I used PreFlight Parking because I'd gotten a coupon and had a good experience there.
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I've used both Smart Park and Preflight and also had good experiences there. There are usually coupons to be found for both online.
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Best answer: My favorite parking company is Central AirPark. We've parked with them a bunch of times, and it's worked flawlessly. It's self-park (not valet), but as soon as you park your car, a shuttle comes to where you are to load your stuff and takes you to the airport. On the return, they give you a number to call and then pretty quickly the shuttle comes to pick you up. (It's way way better than waiting forever for the economy shuttle which then, of course, is too full for you to get on---and it's cheaper, too.) The last time I was there they suggested making reservations for really busy times, like over Thanksgiving, but other than that we haven't needed to make reservations. We haven't had any concerns about safety, and they don't lose your car like some of the valet parking places.

I used to park at SunPark, and I like Central Airpark much, much better.
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