Where to Park near LAX?
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Best, cheapest, safest-for-my-car LAX parking?

Where do I park my car for about four days near Los Angeles International Airport in early November?

I want a safe parking lot for my car; a shuttle that quickly gets me to the Alaskan Airline terminal; quickly picks me up four days later and has good general customer service.

I used to use Crowne Plaza Parking, but recent reviews are not glowing.
The Parking Spot? Park-n-Fly?
All seem to have both good reviews and horror stories.
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I've never had any problems with Parking Spot. Sometimes you have to wait a bit for pickup, but it's never egregious. I have a frequent Parker card with them and earned enough points to park free on my last vacay. They run a lot of specials, too.
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I always park in Lot C.
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Seconding Parking Spot. When I lived in LA and traveled weekly, that was where I parked. I prefer the location on Sepulveda to the one on Century. Just make sure you grab the right shuttle to get back to the location where you parked, as each location has its own shuttles.
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Lot C works for me. Not glamorous or fun, but it's $12 a day and the shuttles are quick.
And I've never had a security problem there.
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If you really want cheap (and depending where you're coming from) I've had good experiences so far with the LAX FlyAway shuttle. It takes you to LAX from either Van Nuys, Union Station, or Westwood. When I use it I park in their deck in Van Nuys for $4 a day and hop on the shuttle to LAX, which costs $7 and runs quite frequently. The Union Station and Westwood lots/shuttles are slightly more expensive and I don't have any experience with them.
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Park-n-fly (aka, ParkOne) has the best shuttle service. You never have to wait, it's always the first shuttle to come by. Friendly drivers, they head straight back to the lot once they pick you up, they don't drive around and around filling the vans. You could even walk from ParkOne to the Alaska Airlines Terminal (that's T2, right)? It's a super easy walk to T1, and not much farther to T2.

Parking Spot is ok, but if you're in the Sepulveda lot, you'll see nothing but vans for the Century lot. And vice versa. Annoying. Last time I used the Parking Spot, I counted something like 5 Park-n-fly shuttles that drove by before my Parking Spot shuttle did.

Wherever you go, reserve online in advance for a cheaper rate.
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Park n' Fly is the best. You can walk to T1 in about 3 min. It's amazing. Also the shuttles are VERY prompt.
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